WWE legend poses with Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, and Maxxine Dupri in a throwback picture

Liv Morgan(left), Maxxine Dupri(middle), and Raquel Rodriguez(right)

Liv Morgan(left), Maxxine Dupri(middle), and Raquel Rodriguez(right) [Images via the stars’ Instagram accounts]

WWE RAW Superstar Natalya recently took to her social media to share some memorable clicks with Maxxine Dupri, Liv Morgan, and Raquel Rodriguez.

Nattie has held titles like SmackDown Women’s Championship, Divas Championship, and Women’s Tag Team Championship in WWE. At the 2024 Royal Rumble, she wowed fans as the first entrant, lasting almost 21 minutes inside the ring. Throughout her legendary career, she has forged close friendships and intense rivalries, making her a memorable figure in the industry.

The Queen of Harts recently shared a photo on her Instagram stories featuring Maxxine Dupri.

“This little gem I found in my vault…. I love! @maxxinedupri,” she wrote.Nattie also shared a photo with Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez.

“And another little gem (emoji) @yaonlylivvonce @raquelwwe,” the WWE legend wrote.Check out the screengrabs below:

WWE Superstar Natalya shared her honest opinion on working with Triple H

Speaking to Joe Vulpis of the Lightweights Podcast, Nattie appreciated The Game for having a good grasp of the working dynamics of the industry as he has been a wrestler.

She also noted how Triple H stayed composed under challenging times. Natalya said:

“I think that with Triple H, he used to be a wrestler…so he knows what it is like to be a talent and he knows what it’s like to do this, he knows what it is like to go out there and to excel or to make mistakes or to grow or to get. I mean he tore his quad once in the ring and finished the match. So he knows what it’s like to be in the ring with us, like doing what it is that we do. He knows about all the frustration that we might have, but he’s younger so like if I go to him with an idea, he’s able to like process it a little differently and take it into consideration.”Check out the full episode below:

It would be interesting to see what plans the company has scheduled for Natalya in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the same? Sound off in the comment section below.

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