“WWE had other plans” – Alexa Bliss discloses idea that didn’t make it to TV

Alexa Bliss initially wanted to return as "something more scary."

Alexa Bliss initially wanted to return as “something more scary.”

Alexa Bliss revealed an idea she had for her character upon her return to WWE TV earlier this year.

Little Miss Bliss took a months-long hiatus after her loss to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules 2021. In early 2022, Bliss returned to WWE TV, appearing in backstage segments for a few weeks. These segments saw Bliss undergoing therapy and learning to control her anger.

Bliss recently chatted with Metro.co.uk about her therapy sessions. She revealed that she had a different idea for her character’s return, wanting to return as a scarier version of herself. The idea didn’t make it to TV:

“For the therapy stuff, it was an idea that I had going one way, and WWE had going another way and so we collaborated. It turned into the therapy that you saw on TV. I wanted to originally come back as something more evil and more dark and more scary, but WWE had other plans.” (H/T: Metro.co.uk)

Alexa Bliss’ therapy sessions led to an in-ring return

Shortly after Alexa Bliss’ last therapy session, she competed in the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match at the namesake event in Saudi Arabia. The match was held to determine the #1 contender for Becky Lynch’s RAW Women’s Title. Bliss came close to winning but was eliminated by Bianca Belair.

She then took another brief hiatus before returning to WWE TV on an episode of RAW in May. She is currently a regular act on RAW.

Alexa Bliss has had an impressive career on WWE’s main roster and still has a long way to go. Her fans have had mixed reactions to her darker persona in the past. It would’ve been interesting to see her idea come to fruition on WWE TV.

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