When WWE tried to give Alexa Bliss a new boyfriend on RAW

Alexa Bliss joined WWE

Alexa Bliss joined WWE’s main roster in 2016.

In real life, Alexa Bliss married musician Ryan Cabrera in 2022. On WWE television, the popular star’s character has mostly stayed away from on-screen romances, with the exception of one canceled storyline.

In December 2017, WWE began a romance angle with Enzo Amore and Nia Jax. The story was nixed seven weeks after the company fired Amore amid a sexual assault investigation. The former Cruiserweight Champion denied the allegations, which were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Amore discussed his WWE departure on The Steve Austin Show in June 2018. He revealed that the storyline would have resulted in him becoming Bliss’ fictional boyfriend:

“The hope was to turn me into one of the biggest stars, I guess, in the company,” Amore said. “I can’t call it. I was about to be with Alexa Bliss. If you want to make Enzo the ultimate heel, what’s the ultimate way to make him a heel? Scr*w over the girl [Nia Jax] and go with the skinny girl, right? That is something everyone can relate to. I think Nia’s beautiful. I’d probably choose her over Alexa in real life!”

WWE was forced to alter the RAW Women’s Championship storyline ahead of WrestleMania 34. Instead of fighting over Amore, the feud revolved around Bliss making fun of Jax’s weight.

Alexa Bliss allegedly didn’t know Vince McMahon’s plan

Enzo Amore was informed of the idea by former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon shortly before he received his release.

The former 205 Live star believes only he and McMahon knew what was going to happen next in the Bliss vs. Jax rivalry:

“Oh, he scr*wed her over because he was in the back room hooking up with Alexa when Nia walked in,” Amore said, explaining McMahon’s idea. “And he was using Nia as his heater to win his title matches. That’s how I become the biggest heel in the company. I don’t think Nia or Alexa knew that. I think only Vince [knew], and Vince told me that like a week or two before that [firing].”Jax defeated Bliss to capture the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 34. The two continued feuding throughout 2018, with Ronda Rousey being added to the storyline.

Do you think an Alexa Bliss-Enzo Amore romance angle would have succeeded? Let us know in the comments section below.

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