What did Bianca Belair’s husband do to Kevin Hart during her episode of Cold as Balls? The WWE star’s strange actions disclosed

What did Bianca Belair

Belair was the latest guest on Cold as B*lls.

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are a power couple in the pro wrestling industry. There’s possibly no one who doesn’t ship them, and how they support and hype each other during live shows and events is commendable.

Of course, that being said, what happens when a man such as Kevin Hart takes an ice-cold bath with Bianca Belair? There’s an appearance by Montez Ford and an intimidating stare-down.

It so happened that the WWE RAW Women’s Champion appeared on an episode with Kevin Hart on Cold as B*lls. The idea of the show is that Hart gets into the post-game ice tub with various sports personalities and chats about everything and anything. Of course, in different tubs.

During the episode, Hart expected his usual staff to come in, but instead arrived, Bianca Belair’s husband, WWE Superstar Montez Ford. He moved towards Hart to stare him down while the Hollywood comedian frantically explained that he hadn’t done anything inappropriate or even gotten out of the tub.

While it was all fun and games, it was an excellent way to showcase the dominance a WWE Superstar can have over others in an extremely humorous fashion.

Furthermore, Belair’s subtle comment about Ford, “he kinda cute,” adds more humor to the moment, given Hart was only focused on protecting himself!

The skit ended with two members of Kevin Hart’s staff trying to fight Montez Ford. While the audience expected Montez to walk back in, Hart’s staff actually did!

Bianca Belair made the first move in the relationship

While their marriage is no secret, the beginning of the couple’s relationship isn’t widely known.

The EST of WWE did her best to express how much she fell for Montez Ford upon setting her eyes on him for the first time!

“I made the first move,” Bianca Belair confirmed. “That was my first time ever going after a guy but my very first time seeing him I told my friend I was like, ‘Keep him away from me. That is a beautiful man.’ And we happen to be out at the same time that night and I was flirting and flirting and flirting and he just like not paying me any mind and then finally he looked at me he was like, ‘I like your makeup.’ I was like, ‘Why did you say that?’ He was like, ‘I don’t know. I was nervous.’ I made the first move and then I accidentally gave him the wrong phone number.”

It’ll be quite a treat for the fans to see Bianca Belair and her husband, Montez Ford, in a full-fledged WWE storyline!

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