Was CJ Perry (Lana) romantically involved with any of her on-screen lovers in WWE besides Miro? What we know

Miro, Lana, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Lashley, Enzo Amore

Miro and Lana currently works in AEW

As per the latest reports, CJ Perry and Miro have called it quits on their marriage. Perry and Miro, who were once known as Lana and Rusev in WWE, had various unforgettable moments in the company and even in AEW.

During her tenure at the Stamford-based promotion, Lana was involved in on-screen relationships with several superstars, including Bobby Lashley and Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth). As a result, fans have been wondering whether the 38-year-old was romantically involved with any of her on-screen lovers at WWE, which may have led to her divorce.

However, the answer to this question is no. CJ Perry had no affairs or scandals with any superstars in the Stamford-based promotion and it has nothing to do with her divorce. During her interview with TMZ, she shed light on what went wrong between her and Miro.

“Miro and I have made the difficult decision to separate after many wonderful years together, and have decided to move on as friends, and hopefully onscreen characters somewhere down the road,” CJ said.Although Perry did not dive deep into the matter, she elucidated that there were no disputes or skirmishes between the two. It was a mutual decision between the couple, as they agreed to move forward as good friends. Rusev and Lana decided to usher in a new chapter of their lives. The report also stated that there was no cheating between the couple.

Could CJ Perry and Miro ever return to WWE?

WWE has turned many wrestlers into household names and Miro was undeniably one of them. Not only did he ride the wave of success in the company, but he also established himself as a popular name in pro wrestling.

However, his WWE career saw a tragic end in 2020 when he was let go by the promotion. CJ Perry suffered the same fate in a short period. Currently, both are signed under a multi-year contract with All Elite Wrestling. When it comes to returning to WWE, there is always a possibility.

Needless to say, AEW has failed to capitalize on Miro’s potential, as the latter is having a seemingly lackluster run. This could be the driving force for him that compels him to leave the Jacksonville-based promotion. On the other hand, the WWE women’s division has been doing quite well lately and CJ Perry could look to be part of it again.

Triple H’s regime as the creative head has enticed many superstars to return to the promotion. Miro and CJ Perry could join the list in the future and make their way into the Stamford-based promotion. Hence, the prospect of it happening is plausible.

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