Triple H reacts after major announcement by The Rock 5 days before WrestleMania

The two stars are not on the best terms with each other

The two stars are not on the best terms with each other [Image via WWE Website and YouTube channel]

The Rock recently made a major announcement on social media ahead of WWE RAW and Triple H has now also shared the announcement and reacted to it.

The Rock’s grandmother, Lia Maivia, is being inducted into the Hall of Fame class of 2024. The Great One announced that he’d be the one making the induction for his grandmother and called her the “real” final boss. This came after multiple reports that she was being considered for addition to the Hall of Fame.

“I’m honored to announce, that I will be inducting my grandmother, Lia Maivia, into the @WWE Hall of Fame, class of 2024. One of the first ever female promoters of professional wrestling. She was a trail blazer. She was a protector of our family. She was the real Final Boss.”During WWE RAW, Triple H reacted to the announcement talking about how she had a love for sports entertainment and that she was finally taking her rightful place as a pillar of the Anoa’i Family dynasty that had been established over the years.

“Lia Maivia’s profound love of sports-entertainment, and unique understanding of the business behind it, made her the perfect pillar for the Anoa’i family dynasty. This year, she takes her rightful place in the @WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2024. #WWEHOF”

Triple H and The Rock’s last interaction didn’t go well

It’s been a while since Triple H and The Rock interacted on screen with their confrontation at the WrestleMania XL press conference one of the chief times. On that occasion, The Rock had ordered the Game to “fix it” after Cody Rhodes had made his intention to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and not let The Rock take it clear.

Since then Triple H has made his stance as the one calling the shots in WWE, while The Rock has started calling himself the “Final Boss” in the company.

The two are not on the best of terms, it appears, but it remains to be seen if they end up crossing paths.

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