Triple H needs to have a serious talk with Nia Jax about what she did after WWE’s cameras stopped rolling

Triple H and Nia Jax (via WWE

Triple H and Nia Jax (via WWE’s YouTube and website)

WWE CCO Triple H needs to have a private conversation with Nia Jax about last week’s events.

After last week’s SmackDown went off the air, Nia Jax took on Becky Lynch in a dark match. After losing via DQ, an irate Jax attacked a WWE official at ringside and choked him with her legs while Lynch was delivering an in-ring promo.

Nia Jax was way out of line that night, and her actions can’t be justified. Triple H needs to have a chat with her about the incident and ask what exactly she was thinking when she decided to attack the referee after the match.

The Game needs to warn Jax of the consequences if she tries to attack a referee again.

How did Triple H bring Nia Jax back to WWE?

Jax was let go by WWE in late 2021. She made her full-time return in September 2023 and has been a mainstay on RAW since then.

On WWE’s After The Bell with Corey Graves, Jax opened up about her return and had the following to say:

“I’m like, really? I would love to, but I’m not sure, and so she’s like, ‘Just text Hunter. Just text him.’ I’m like, really? So I texted Hunter, and I was just like, hey, I was wondering if possibly you had a spot for me to come back. And then I want to say that two minutes later, he was like, Yeah, let’s talk. Let’s get on the phone and chat soon.’ So it kind of snowballed from there.” [H/T WrestleZone]

Jax was one of the most controversial stars in WWE during her previous run. Fans accused her of hurting her opponents during matches on multiple occasions. Nia has impressed many fans with her work during her current run.

What do you think? Should Triple H talk with Jax about the choking incident?

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