Travis Kelce hits Patrick Mahomes where it hurts and opens a debate: His body doesn’t look like that for nothing

Photo of a shirtless Patrick Mahomes in the Chiefs locker room went viral

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

I n the latest episode of their “New Heights” podcast, brothers Travis and Jason Kelce shared differing views, sparking lively discussion. The topic at hand was a viral photo of a shirtless Patrick Mahomes in the Chiefs locker room, taken after their AFC Championship victory over the Baltimore Ravens in January.

This image, highlighting Mahomes’ ‘dad bod,’ became a playful focal point during the podcast. Travis used the photo to explain the quarterback’s physique, suggesting that Mahomes’ laid-back appearance might be misleading as to his athletic capabilities.

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“I’ve seen that man literally drink bars out of Coors [Light] literally – like, ‘We gotta run to the store and get some more. We didn’t think we’d run out of these things’,’ Travis said.

“But Pat Mahomes has done it twice now… Your body doesn’t look like that for nothing Pat. That dad bod, it don’t look like that for nothing.”

Mahomes admitted he has dad bod

The brothers’ light-hearted banter and candid commentary on Mahomes’ lifestyle choices provided an entertaining perspective on the star quarterback’s public and private personas.

“I definitely have the dad bod a little bit…,” Mahomes told TIME.

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