Travis Kelce and Brittany Mahomes showed up in the same photograph that shows exactly who was in attendance for the private dinner after the Kansas City shooting this week.

Chiefs tight end Matt Bushman’s wife, Emily, proudly posted the pic Thursday on her social media account — owning the fact that she and her hubby were among the people there … which, as it turns out, was a lot smaller than anyone previously thought.

travis kelce taking pic with police

Emily included the snap as part of a collage of photos she uploaded — which showed her and Matt enjoying the parade earlier in the day … and eventually landing at the Granfalloon.

She wrote in her caption, “Yesterday was tough. Not going to allow evil to take away all the happiness and memories of the day. The team and city deserved to celebrate and what a fun parade we had!”

Emily goes on to say … “I’ll never forget the chaos and fear that followed the parade. Our family will be continuing to pray for the victims of the shooting. We love KC!”

Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar


In her picture, you can see Matt, Travis, Brittany, fellow Chiefs teammates Creed Humphrey, Tommy Townsend and some others were in the mix as well. All in all, about 14 people.

No sign of Patrick in this photo — although we know he was among the people there — and presumably … he’s the one handling camera duties here. Neither he nor Travis have addressed the fact they were at the restaurant and continued on with their plan to celebrate.

Fans Flee During Shooting At Super Bowl Parade

FANS FLEEING THE SHOOTING LAUNCH GALLERY Just about all the Chiefs players, however, expressed their condolences in the wake of the shooting.

It’s interesting … Emily seems to be telegraphing how the group at large might feel about the backlash they’re getting right now. On its face, you could argue she’s totally owning it.

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