The pain of abandonment of the dog that was once Michael Jackson’s pet

The life of Bubble, the monkey once adopted by Michael Jackson and named on his list of heirs, is up and down like an entertainment star with glory and ultimate loneliness.



The life of Bubble, the monkey once adopted by Michael Jackson and named on his list of heirs, has been up and down as an entertainment star. Bubble used to live in luxury and was the center of the media, but at the end of his life, the old monkey had to live in a remote place, living off charity money and not many people remember him anymore.

Michael Jackson was once a world music legend . It has been nearly 13 years since the “King of Pop” passed away, but the stories surrounding his life and the characters who were related to him still have a strange attraction to the public. During his lifetime, Michael Jackson had a special love for a monkey named Bubbles.



Bubbles was born on April 30, 1983 in a laboratory in Texas, USA. When he was 8 months old, this monkey was lucky enough to be sold to Michael Jackson as a pet. At that time, the music star was only 24 years old and at the peak of his fame.

Michael’s popularity also helped Bubbles be sought after by the media. The monkey who grew up in a laboratory used to have a life of luxury and luxury, receiving as much attention from the media and fans as an entertainment star.

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Bubbles was once adopted by Michael Jackson from a laboratory (Photo: News).

Michael Jackson once took Bubbles to attend world-famous events . Dressed in sophisticated branded outfits, Bubbles and her owner attract all eyes. He also traveled around the world, enjoyed luxurious vacations, and stayed at 5-star hotels.

At just 4 years old, Bubbles was able to recreate Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk dance and shine when wearing a military-inspired outfit like her owner. In Michael Jackson’s famous and classic music videos, Bubbles also appeared as a special actor.

If Michael Jackson is a musical monument, then Bubbles was also praised by the media at that time as an entertainment star. Bubbles is admired by the public because the “King of Pop” considers him a close friend, whom he pampers and gives him a lot of love.

Bubbles slept in a crib in the famous star’s bedroom, was allowed to eat candy in the movie room at Michael Jackson’s mansion, ate meals at the pop star’s table and used his toilet.

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The pain of abandonment of the monkey who was once Michael Jackson's pet - 3

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The pain of abandonment of the monkey that was once Michael Jackson's pet - 5

Michael Jackson even considered Bubbles a family member when he announced that he left Bubbles an inheritance of nearly 35 billion VND in the will he made when he was young. However, when Bubbles grew up, he was no longer suitable for Michael Jackson’s family’s living situation or for some other reason, the smart monkey was no longer pampered by the famous star.


In 1988, Michael Jackson moved to the Neverland estate, and the relationship between the two was gradually severed. Bubbles gradually sank into oblivion when she no longer appeared regularly next to the pop star.

A witness recounted that, occasionally, Bubbes was allowed to meet his owner, but the number of meetings became less and less. In particular, when Michael Jackson had children and was busy enjoying the happiness of fatherhood, his old friend was truly forgotten. Michael Jackson once expressed concern that Bubbles’s aggression would affect his children, so he did not allow him to come to the villa.

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The pain of abandonment of the monkey that was once Michael Jackson's pet - 7

Stuck at being abandoned, Bubbles tried to commit suicide but was lucky to be saved. When the owner stopped paying attention, Bubbles was moved to a new resort – a place that also contained monkeys with the same fate as him. They are animals that used to work in the entertainment industry, were once famous, were once praised, but when they were no longer valuable, they were taken to a concentration camp and will spend their last days there.

Because the facility did not have enough capacity to raise new monkeys, they decided to cut Bubbles’ vas deferens to prevent him from having children with female monkeys. A source recounted that, since being brought to this center, Bubbles has never seen its owner again.

An animal trainer named Dunn once shared with the News of World: “Bubbles really misses Michael Jackson when the two are no longer together. Monkeys are very smart. They miss people and events. Bubbles and Michael used to be like two close friends, soul mates. The last time Michael visited, Bubbles recognized his owner and expressed his nostalgia.”

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Bubbles puts sadness and thoughts into paintings (Photo: News).

Dunn said that the music star once considered this monkey as his first child and he hoped that the pop star’s children would keep in touch with Bubbles after Michael Jackson died. Sadly, Bubbles forever lost its value and position in Michael Jackson’s family since its owner decided to cut off contact.

It was reported that Michael Jackson did not visit and did not send any money to Bubbles’ care facility. All operating costs of the center depend on public donations.

However, in 2010, the late music star’s older sister, La Toya, visited Bubbles at an animal protection center in Florida, USA. According to the center’s sources, Michael Jackson wanted to sponsor the center in the name of an annual pension for Bubbles.


In 2005, 4 years before Michael Jackson died from a heart attack, he intended to visit Bubbles but did not do so. In 2009, he passed away in the infinite sadness of fans and colleagues around the world. Bubbles was unable to attend his funeral and was unaware of his former owner’s passing.

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Bubbles’ paintings have been exhibited and sold (Photo: News).

In 2009, the Daily Telegraph reported on the release of a book to tell all about the time spent together between Bubbles and the late star. The book is called Bubbles: My Secret Diary by a journalist named John Blake. The book reveals little-known hidden corners of Bubbles’ life such as her addiction to eating 2,000 bananas a day, the suffering of depression, her romantic relationships…

The author of the book shares: “Behind the luxurious life, relationships with famous artists, or having a personal chef, Bubbles also has dark experiences, addiction and loss. . But Bubbles fought through personal problems with the support of Michael Jackson. After all, Bubbles grew stronger and greater than the character King Kong.”

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Bubbles is now old and gradually forgotten (Photo: News).

In 2017, at an exhibition room in Miami, USA, 5 paintings by Bubbles were sold for about 3,700 USD, a number that surprised many people. After many years of no information, Bubbles again attracted the world’s attention. During the years of living in the abandonment of her former owner, the oblivion of the public and the media, Bubbles “threw” her thoughts into paintings.

Most viewers admitted not understanding the meaning of the paintings but felt interested in their bright colors. The manager of the center where Bubble lives said that the money from selling the paintings is used to maintain the center’s activities.

It is known that at the age of 39, Bubbles is living healthy and peacefully in a dense forest in Florida, USA. Bubbles’ image at the age of U40 also surprised many people. No longer the monkey with lavish outfits and the focus of the camera, Bubbles has now changed a lot, becoming old with a bald head and gray beard.

Bubbles also comes to hate cameras pointed at her and is willing to throw things in her hand to prevent people from intentionally taking pictures of it. The veterinarian who examined Bubbles showed signs of having been beaten and abused.

According to animal conservation expert Jane Goodall, the injuries on Bubbles’ body were the result of past abuse. In 2014, the Jackson family denied Jane’s allegations that Bubbles was beaten.

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