The family once wanted to take Michael Jackson to rehab

A friend of Jackson’s family revealed that relatives of the “King of Pop” wanted him to go to rehab two months ago, when they realized Michael Jackson’s life was in danger. dangerous.

Người thân muốn Michael Jackson đi cai nghiện từ 2 tháng trước - 1

“King of Pop” Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s family was really worried when they saw that the 50-year-old music star was dependent on painkillers and they considered forcing Michael Jackson to go to rehab two weeks before the singer’s sudden death. at his home, June 25.

According to the plan, the Jacskon family plans to hire an expert in the field of psychology to convince Michael Jackson that he is in danger and has the potential to cause harm to those around him. This person was responsible for encouraging Michael Jackson to go to rehab, however, this plan was not approved by the “King of Pop” because he was still busy with his practice schedule to prepare for the UK tour this summer. now.

Therefore, Michael Jackson’s family chose another treatment method. They discussed with California’s pharmacology expert – Dr. Howard Samuels, known by the nickname Doc Hollywood (the doctor favored by Hollywood stars) to find a way to save the “King of Pop”.

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After researching many different solutions, Michael Jackson’s family agreed to let the music star conduct treatment and detoxification at home under the supervision of a medical expert and then they would appoint a supervising doctor to stay by Michael Jackson’s side during his upcoming UK tour. The task of these supervising doctors is to conduct tests for patients and coordinate with other doctors to keep the patient awake.

“Michael was very stubborn and insisted that he had no problems with the drugs he was using and did not accept going to rehab. But in the end, he still agreed to follow his relatives’ wishes, which was to hire an expert to monitor his drug use,” a source revealed.

A friend of the King of Pop’s family said that before, Michael Jackson’s relatives never realized the dangers of the drugs that the “King of Pop” was using. It wasn’t until Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson’s younger brother, came to live at the “King of Pop”‘s house and witnessed his drug abuse that Jackson’s family members realized: “We have to help Michael Jackson. otherwise he will destroy himself.”

Người thân muốn Michael Jackson đi cai nghiện từ 2 tháng trước - 3

Dr. Howard Samuels (right) was visited by Michael Jackson’s family

chose to help the pop star quit his addiction to painkillers.

6 years ago, Michael Jackson fell unconscious after a drug overdose. After an interview related to a child sexual abuse case on television, Michael Jackson appeared very nervous and he used a dose of moorphine. This incident has been kept secret by the Jackson family until now.

After the first autopsy, which took place on June 26, did not show any strange signs on Michael Jackson’s body, on the night of June 27, the second autopsy was performed according to request of Michael Jackson’s family, was conducted in Los Angeles (USA).

Los Angeles forensic staff are also currently conducting other necessary tests to clearly determine the drugs Michael Jackson used. These tests will take 6-8 weeks.

Người thân muốn Michael Jackson đi cai nghiện từ 2 tháng trước - 4

On the evening of June 28, the second autopsy took place

was carried out with Michael Jackson’s body.

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