Super Bowl QB Dads Patrick Mahomes Sr. and Shawn Purdy Have More In Common Than Their Dream-Chasing Sons

The celebrated NFL quarterbacks, Brock Purdy, and Patrick Mahomes may share their NFL positions and aspirations in common but the commonality extends beyond. Purdy and Mahomes both happen to be sons of former professional pitchers, influentially starting as shortstops before finding football as their calling.

Now as they head to Super Bowl LVIII, finding yet another common ground, turns out their fathers, Shawn Purdy and Patrick Mahomes have more to add to the factor.

Shawn Purdy, a father to three, was a right-handed pitcher in his younger years. He played a total of eight seasons in Minor League Baseball in the Relief Pitcher position. Starting the career in 1987 by the Pittsburgh Pirates drafting, he secured 70 starts, and 40 games throughout his career. If one were to count his years as an unregistered player, the total number would amount to 11 years. As for Patrick Mahomes Sr., born two years after Purdy, a graph frames just similar.


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Patrick Mahomes Sr. was drafted initially in 1988 but only signed with the Minnesota Twins in 1989 after playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He made his debut for the Twins in 1992 as a starting pitcher and a relief pitcher. He then went on to play for the Red Sox, Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pirates until 2003. He officially retired in 2009 after playing for 11 seasons. On the path, he became a father of 3 kids; a daughter and 2 sons. Interestingly, it goes for Purdy as well. However, what stands out in the NFL players’ narrative is the impact and encouragement their fathers have lent.

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