Seth Rollins suffered a bad injury at WrestleMania; can be heard informing referee

The star was left badly hurt after WrestleMania

The star was left badly hurt after WrestleMania

Seth Rollins had an unfortunate weekend at WrestleMania 40 and was left unable to even walk properly by the end of the second night.

After what had been a bad night already after Night One of WrestleMania, Rollins was left broken and hardly able to compete on the second night. This was not helped by McIntyre opening with a Claymore to start off the match and continuing to dominate the match with move after move. While Rollins did fight back, it was clear that McIntyre was the one with the advantage throughout the night.

The star was looking already to be in a rather bad state at that moment and seemed to be in tremendous amounts of pain. The details of how bad that injury actually was is not known at this time, but it seems that it was bad enough that he could no longer see.

He looked scared and told the referee, “I can’t see.”

The video of the moment where he got hurt can be seen below.

Soon after this, around the 26-minute mark of the second night of WrestleMania, he audibly told the referee that he could not see. Seth Rollins was on the ground and in real pain with his eye already swelling up. However, Seth was able to finish the match, thanks to his incredible endurance and composure.

Seth Rollins is apparently taking a hiatus from WWE

Thankfully for Rollins, he will apparently be getting some time off following his tremendous work over both nights at WrestleMania 40.

According to a report, Rollins will be away from in-ring action for at least four weeks. The star was left hurting after WrestleMania and in his time away, he will be recovering from the many injuries that he has been carrying over these last few weeks.

The star was regularly defending the title at weekend events while Roman Reigns was mostly absent. When he returns, he will likely directly go after the title once again, but fans will have to wait to see if he ends up doing that.

As the first World Heavyweight Champion with this new title, Seth Rollins’ loss saw Drew McIntyre crowned for a few minutes. He too would be dethroned soon after Punk’s attack left him vulnerable to a cash-in from the Judgment Day’s Damian Priest.

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