Samantha Irvin sends a three-word message to Trish Stratus on social media

Samantha Irvin (left) and Trish Stratus (right)

Samantha Irvin (left) and Trish Stratus (right)

WWE personality Samantha Irvin has reacted to a recent photo posted by Trish Stratus.

During her latest WWE run, Stratus feuded with Becky Lynch, who defeated the Hall of Famer in a Steel Cage Match at the Payback 2023 Premium Live Event. After the loss, Stratus was betrayed by Zoey Stark after she slapped Stark.

On Instagram, one of Stratus’ recent photos caught Irvin’s attention, as the RAW announcer sent a three-word message:

“Simply the best,” wrote Irvin.Check out a screengrab of Stratus’ photo and Irvin’s comment:

During her latest WWE run, Stratus briefly held the Women’s Tag Team Championships with Becky Lynch. With Lita being written off WWE TV, Lynch found herself a tag team partner in the form of Stratus. Unfortunately, the 48-year-old star betrayed The Man.

Trish Stratus wanted to return to WWE to make a difference

Trish Stratus explained her motive behind returning to WWE. The former multi-time Women’s Champion clarified that she wanted to work with a superstar with whom she hasn’t worked in the past.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes, Stratus also claimed she would want to challenge herself as a performer while elevating her opponents. She said:

“I always said when I retired, if I go back, it’s got to be for something important. Not important, that’s not the right word. It’s got to be for something that’s good. No, that’s not right either. It’s gotta be just something that has to check a few boxes. I want to work with someone I haven’t worked with before. Selfishly as a performer, I want to challenge myself. But I also want to elevate another person. I want to do stuff that hasn’t been done before. I want to present things a bit differently,”

Since ending her retirement, Trish Stratus has shared the ring with top names including Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. The veteran wrestler is expected to continue her feud with Zoey Stark after her betrayal. It remains to be seen if WWE has any plans for Stratus’ return in the future.

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