Samantha Irvin savagely roasts WWE veteran for comparing her voice to “nails on a chalk board”

Samantha Irvin (via her official Instagram)

Samantha Irvin (via her official Instagram)

Samantha Irvin has finally responded to a WWE veteran’s jibe at her, following WrestleMania XL.

Irvin did an incredible job at ‘Mania and fans lauded her for showing true emotion throughout the show, especially during the main event of Night 2. A former WWE name wasn’t happy with her work, though.

Former WWE referee Brian Hebner took to Twitter to blast Samantha Irvin for her announcing work at The Show of Shows. He wrote that her voice felt like “nails on a chalk board.” Irvin has now responded to Hebner’s jibe with a hilarious roast on Twitter. Check out her response below:

“Omg guys… is what I’m hearing actually true??? Earl Hebner has a son that’s a referee?!😯” she wrote.

For those unaware, Brian Hebner is the son of former WWE referee Earl Hebner. Brian himself worked for WWE back in the day, and was let go in 2006.

Samantha Irvin on her enthusiasm while announcing Chelsea Green’s name

Not too long ago, Irvin made headlines for her enthusiastic announcing of Chelsea Green’s name during the latter’s entrance on WWE TV.

She later opened up about the same while talking with Chris Van Vliet on his podcast. Here’s what she said:

“It was just because of her, it’s just her. She came back, and her attitude and everything was just she was so sassy and I just loved it. And I just thought she’s not, you know [flatly] Chelsea Green like, no, she’s Chelsea Green! And it just, I did it one time. I think now it’s like obviously now it’s over the top but the first time I did it, I think I just was like Chelsea Green! And like some people noticed, you know, and then well now she will not let me say it any other way. She helped me fine-tune it perfectly for her. [H/T Wrestling Headlines]

Irvin has amassed a massive fan following in a very short time as a WWE ring announcer. The Triple H-led promotion let her announce on both nights of WrestleMania XL and she did an insanely good job. It would be interesting to see what Brian Hebner has to say about Irvin’s jibe at him.

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