Ronda Rousey’s issues with WWE Executive wasn’t the only reason she left, says wrestling veteran

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion [Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube]

Ronda Rousey openly denouncing WWE Executive was really scratching the surface of the issues she had with the company, according to wrestling veteran Vince Russo.

On the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 and former WWE writer Vince Russo spoke in depth about Ronda Rousey and her negative comments towards WWE – especially her calling wrestling an intense performance and not a sport.

According to Vince Russo, the issues with WWE Executive Bruce Prichard was one thing, but he believes the fact that she was an athlete with a regimented schedule made it difficult for her to adapt to the on-the-road lifestyle of the company.

“She had a really bad experience. I don’t know, obviously there were issues with Bruce [Prichard]. She had a really bad experience. I think and I said it way back then. I think what happened with Ronda was, when she was training for an MMA fight, she was going home every night. She had the same routine every day. She ate meals at the same hours every day. When she signed up with WWE and started going on house shows and on the road, that’s a totally different animal. All of a sudden, you take an athlete that has a regiment they follow every single day. To be a Champion, that’s the regiment she had to have, where I guarantee you it was the same every day,” said Russo. (3:15-4-25)Russo thinks Ronda Rousey wasn’t in it for the long haul and had no idea what she was signing up for.

“Now all of a sudden you’re going to go on the road and it’s like ‘When am I going to work out? How can I eat correctly? When am I going to be home to see my family?’ And, honestly, she probably spoke up about that because she was probably having an issue with it. What EC3 just said. Don’t talk to me about a part-time schedule. You’ve got to be in this for the long haul and the reality of it was that she probably wasn’t and had no idea what she was signing up for.” (4:27-5:04)You can watch the full video below:

Becky Lynch revealed why Ronda Rousey wouldn’t accept a submission as the finish to WrestleMania 35

The peak of Ronda Rousey’s impact undoubtedly came at WrestleMania 35, where she was cited as the reason why Women headlined The Show of Shows for the first time in history.

Over five years ago, Becky Lynch would roll Rousey up in an awkward pinfall to become the Women’s Double Champion.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his show Insight, Becky Lynch revealed why Ronda Rousey refused to tap out in the finish to WrestleMania 35:

“And anyway, he’s [Wilson] like, maybe you have Ronda in an armbar, she looks like she’s about to tap out. And so Ronda comes and we tell her the creative and say and then you’re almost about to tap out. Ronda says, ‘Oh no, my mom wouldn’t look me in the eye or talk to me again if I looked like I was about to tap out.’ All right, well, she’s probably not going to tap out on the finish. So you know, she never tapped out in her career. So I understood it, respected it, and moved on quickly.”

It’s hard to blame Becky Lynch for not arguing when she knew she would win the match anyway.

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