Ronda Rousey rips into former WWE producer in her new book “Our Fight: A Memoir”

Ronda Rousey has come out all guns blazing in her new book

Ronda Rousey has come out all guns blazing in her new book

Ronda Rousey has taken the world by storm with her new book, Our Fight: A Memoir. Covering her life’s journey, the book gives fans an inside glimpse into her career in UFC and WWE. The memoir has garnered much interest, especially from pro wrestling fans, as Rousey has laid everything bare about her time in the Stamford-based company, including her experience working with John Laurinaitis.

Most notably, the book details her problems with the company’s upper management, particularly Vince McMahon. Referring to him with some unsavory words in the memoir, it has become clear that Ronda Rousey was not a fan of working with the legendary promoter.

McMahon isn’t the only member of upper management she took issue with, as her book also takes aim at WWE’s former Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis.

In an excerpt from the book, Ronda Rousey shared her honest thoughts about Laurinaitis and even went into depth about his appointment as an overseer in NXT in 2021.

She described how NXT went head-to-head with AEW a few years ago and was thriving under Triple H’s leadership. But, after The Game’s heart failure, Laurinaitis took over and, in her opinion, ruined the brand. Describing him as an “entitled sixty-year-old former frat boy,” Rousey did not hold back as she ripped into the former WWE producer.

“He looked and acted like an entitled sixty-year-old former frat boy. Tall, blondish, and with a cleft chin, he always appeared to be scowling, even when he smiled. His raspy voice earned him the nickname Johnny Laryngitis, which was one of the nicer things people called him. Whereas Triple H looked for talent and potential in NXT prospects, it appeared John Laurinaitis looked for f***ability,” wrote Rousey. [H/T: Inside The Ropes]

Rousey’s testimony in her book has been echoed by many in recent times. In 2022, Laurinaitis was let go by WWE after claims emerged about his alleged misconduct toward women.

Ronda Rousey may have voiced her intention to never return to WWE

When Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut, fans were ecstatic. After all, she is one of the greatest fighters in combat sports history. But, while her tenure with the company may have seemed sweet on paper, in reality, it may not have been the dream run everyone thought it was.

If her new book isn’t enough proof, one of her statements in her “Never Before Told” interview may confirm it. Ahead of her book’s release, Rousey sat down for an interview, where she may have revealed her future as a WWE Superstar. She said, “I don’t intend on going back,” seemingly ruling out a return to the global juggernaut.

The full interview is not yet out, so there is no telling whether she was actually referring to WWE or perhaps UFC. Fans must wait and see what’s next for The Rowdy One.

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