Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa as The Tribal Chiefs of The Bloodline are already very different: Here’s how

The Bloodline now has an interesting power dynamic between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa

The Bloodline now has an interesting power dynamic between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa

A major shift happened in the dynamics of The Bloodline after WrestleMania XL, specifically for Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. While both men have several similarities, their roles as the group’s leader showcased that they run things differently.

At WrestleMania XL, Roman Reigns was defeated by Cody Rhodes to win the Undisputed WWE Championship, a title that he has held for more than 1,300 days. Since then, fans haven’t seen him on television. However, Solo Sikoa has assumed the new role as The Tribal Chief by eliminating Jimmy Uso from the group and adding Tama Tonga. Recently, he even targeted Kevin Owens. In the past few weeks, the difference in leadership and character is beginning to be seen.

Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa have different motivations

While it could be said that both men are powerful and dominant, their reasons for doing so have major differences. The history of the Anoa’i wrestling dynasty heavily influenced Reigns being The Tribal Chief and forming The Bloodline. For him, titles and legacy are important. He would ensure that his name would be part of the history books and somewhat better than anybody from his family.

On the other hand, Solo is more concerned about gaining power. As seen on this week’s SmackDown and the week before, he only cares about making a statement by enforcing his power and insinuating chaos in the roster.

Roman Reigns utilizes having The Wiseman more

One of the reasons why Roman’s character has elevated a lot was because of his Wiseman, Paul Heyman. The former enemies turned partners know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and use them appropriately. Reigns would ask for Heyman’s advice before making tough decisions and sometimes, would even rely on him fully to make those decisions.

In the past few weeks, it’s seen that Paul’s role in The Bloodline now is much different. Sikoa doesn’t ask him for advice or even listen to him when reasoning out. Instead, Solo would simply order him around and is just another person to send a message to.

Roman Reigns is more methodical in his ways while Solo Sikoa is the opposite

While many are not a big fan of The Head of the Table’s way of leadership, one thing they can’t deny is that he is methodical in his ways. He knows which weapons to use against his opponent and gets into their head. He understands when to attack and when not to attack, and thinks ahead of his decisions.

Solo Sikoa, as mentioned above, he is blood thirsty and focuses on showcasing his dominance. He would order Tama Tonga to do his dirty work without thinking about why and who they’re doing it to. While it’s dominating for now, it will have consequences later.

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