Rhea Ripley must tell 10-time WWE champion to replace Damian Priest as The Judgment Day’s leader in her absence

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is a member of The Judgment Day.

Ever since Rhea Ripley has been sidelined due to her injury, Damian Priest has been pulling the strings of The Judgment Day. The Punisher has been acting as the leader of the faction in Ripley’s absence, and that has caused quite a bit of mayhem.

Priest’s narcissistic actions on Monday Night RAW have put The Judgment Day in a precarious state lately. Therefore, Rhea Ripley needs to contemplate the ongoing situation and come up with a strategy. She must ask Finn Balor to replace Damian Priest as the leader of the heel faction.

The Eradicator should request the 10-time WWE champion to take care of The Judgment Day in her absence, as the faction is currently in pandemonium under Priest’s leadership. There are several reasons why Mami needs to entrust Balor with that responsibility.

To protect The Judgment Day from imploding

The Judgment Day has been moving towards a state of anarchy. Damian Priest is exercising his power over his stablemates as the leader of the group in The Eradicator’s absence.

It could be a matter of time before other members of the group revolt against the current World Heavyweight Champion. A faction that has ruled WWE for years is seemingly on the verge of collapsing due to Priest’s self-centered actions.

Therefore, Rhea Ripley must tell Finn Balor to replace The Punisher as the leader of The Judgment Day to prevent the faction from imploding. She must entrust the veteran with the responsibility to take the driver’s seat and keep the group together in her absence.

Finn Balor is more responsible and experienced

One of the reasons why Rhea Ripley must ask Finn Balor to replace Damian Priest as the leader of The Judgment Day is because of the experience Finn brings to the table. The 42-year-old star is more responsible and has a sense of culpability.

In contrast to Priest, Balor possesses sound judgment and a clear conscience, which may enable him to keep The Judgment Day intact while Ripley is away. Hence, he is the right person to take charge of the faction in Mami’s absence.

With the perilous state The Judgment Day is currently in, the former Universal Champion needs to replace The Punisher as the leader of the heel stable under The Eradicator’s request.

To eventually kick Damian Priest out of the faction

Damian Priest has been causing quite a mess in The Judgment Day since Rhea Ripley has been sidelined. Not only is he trying to establish his dominance, but Priest is also berating Dominik Mysterio and other members of the faction.

Therefore, the former Women’s World Champion needs to tell Finn Balor to replace The Punisher as the leader of the faction. This will eventually sow the seeds of dissension and animosity between The Terror Twins (Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley).

Unable to stand Mami’s judgment, the 41-year-old could revolt against his stablemates, which will eventually pave the way for The Judgment Day to kick him out of the faction.

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