Paris Jackson doesn’t think she’ll date a man

Paris Jackson – Daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson admitted that from a young age she was attracted to the same sex.

Paris Jackson just had an online interview on Facebook, the 22-year-old model frankly shared about her sexuality. Paris admits she “never thought” she would date a man.

The daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson mainly dated women in the past, but currently she is in a relationship with male artist Gabriel Glenn.  Paris Jackson said, when dating someone, she cares more about what kind of person that person is than what that person’s gender is.

Paris Jackson said: “I never thought I would date a guy. I thought I would marry a girl because in the past I dated many women.”

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Paris Jackson and current boyfriend

Paris confirmed that her father, Michael Jackson, felt that his daughter was gay. ”  I think my dad senses this. He teases me the same way he teases my brothers like, “You’ve got a girlfriend!”  if I’m staring at a porn magazine. for women. When I first shared my sexuality with my family, they didn’t even believe me…”

“People only know about the three long-term relationships I’ve had and those were with men and they don’t know about most of my other relationships. I say I’m gay because I guess I am, but I wouldn’t consider myself bisexual. I don’t care about a person’s gender, just what kind of person they are,” Paris affirmed.

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Paris added that she is lucky to have her current boyfriend Gabriel. “I live in his car. The only home I ever had before was with my dad and now I’m lucky to have Gabriel.”

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