Paige VanZant finally reveals real reason why she never faced Ronda Rousey

AEW star Paige VanZant was recently asked regarding a match against Ronda Rousey. She addressed this and explained why she had never considered facing the former WWE Superstar.

VanZant and Rousey both fall under the category of former UFC Fighters who then ventured into wrestling. The former had a brief stint with All Elite Wrestling, while The Baddest Woman on the Planet became a Triple Crown Champion in WWE before her departure.

On her latest string of Instagram stories, Paige VanZant answered a few questions from her fans. She addressed a question regarding facing Ronda Rousey by revealing that it was never a consideration on her side, as they were from different weight classes. She considered herself to be a part of the 125-pound weight class, while Rousey was a part of the 135-pound group.

“I have not considered fighting Ronda because she’s significantly bigger than I am. I fought the majority of my career at 125 and 115. Er, 115 mostly, and then 125. I’m a true 125-er, so that’s like, that is my weight class, I’m only 5″4. Umm so yeah just different, different sizes.”

Paige VanZant shares her weight loss experience

Almost two weeks ago, the former UFC fighter talked about her recent weight loss experience. She revealed that the past few years had not been the best for her mentally, which had an effect on her body.

To get herself back into shape she worked on shredding a few pounds, which in itself was a mental battle as well. She thanked the people around her for the support they gave her through these times.

“Ugh. Debated posting this…… the last few years have been a mental battle, to say the least. I lost myself there for a bit. 6 months of extremely hard work, dedication, some incredible friends, @legally__blonder and @maselli_fitness, and the support of my husband, my fitness journey has really stuck.”

Paige VanZant is yet to make an AEW appearance in almost two years, and seeing as she still seemed interested in the idea, maybe somewhere along the way Tony Khan could bring her back for another run.

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