Naomi discloses how she really feels about her husband Jimmy Uso feuding with Jey Uso in WWE

Naomi has shared her thoughts on The Bloodline

Naomi has shared her thoughts on The Bloodline

Naomi has shared her thoughts on the Bloodline drama and her husband, Jimmy Uso, feuding with her brother-in-law Jey Uso.

For the first time in WWE, the twins will face each other in a singles match at WrestleMania XL. Jimmy is a heel and is still associated with The Bloodline as part of the SmackDown brand. On the other hand, Main Event Jey is a babyface on RAW, and Cody Rhodes is his ally.

During a recent interview with Going Inside, Naomi stated that she hates that Jimmy and Jey Uso are feuding with each other. She hopes that they can reconcile one day because it’s affecting their family.

“It’s a lot of family drama. Honestly, I hate it. It’s family. That’s my sweet brother-in-law, so I hope one day that the boys can get it together, but it’s definitely breaking up the family, Jimmy and Jey’s drama… So hopefully, after ‘Mania, they can hash it out and squash this beef and get back together. That’s what I hope, but who knows, we’ll see,” said Naomi. (12:26-13:00)When asked if the drama made their family life difficult, she stated:

“Yeah, the barbecues are not the same.” (13:04-13:09)

Real-life Bloodline member Afa Anoa’i thinks Jimmy Uso will beat Jey Uso at WWE WrestleMania XL

Former WWE star Afa Anoa’i (Manu) has shared his thoughts on the twin brothers colliding at WrestleMania XL.

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, Anoa’i stated that Jimmy Uso, the heel, could defeat Jey Uso at The Show of Shows.

“If I had to pick based on what’s going down right now, I’m gonna have to ride with Jimmy. I think it’s his time. It’s the swagger, it’s the attitude. He has that look in his eye now, and I think that’s what’s gonna take him over the top,” said Afa.

It’ll be interesting to see which Uso will have hi hand raised at the end of the match.

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