Michael Jackson’s “youngest son” took his grandmother to court over a financial disagreement

The youngest son of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson – Bigi Jackson – has taken his grandmother to court because of how he spent the money belonging to the fortune left by his biological father.

The youngest son of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson – Bigi Jackson (22 years old) – took his grandmother – Katherine Jackson (93 years old) – to court, because of disagreements over spending money belonging to the family. property left by his biological father.

Bigi asked the court to issue an official ban on Ms. Katherine from using money belonging to the fortune left by his father in the litigation activities she is pursuing.

Michael Jackson's youngest son took his grandmother to court over financial disagreements - 1

Bigi Jackson is 22 years old (Photo: New York Post).

This application has just been brought to court by Bigi to stop Ms. Katherine from having financial support to continue pursuing money-consuming litigation activities.

Currently, Katherine objects to the way some related parties handle the musical inheritance left by her son. To intervene and make things happen according to her wishes, Ms. Katherine sued these parties in court. The cost of pursuing the lawsuit was taken from money belonging to the estate left by Michael Jackson’s son.

Regarding Bigi Jackson, he was born in 2002 using a surrogate. His mother’s identity has never been revealed. When his biological father passed away, Bigi was only 7 years old. However, his feelings about his father are still very deep.

Bigi is very interested in activities to protect nature and the environment. This is also an activity that Michael Jackson was very interested in during his lifetime.

Bigi is the youngest of three children of “pop king” Michael Jackson. Bigi also has brother Prince (27 years old) and sister Paris (25 years old). Prince majored in business administration at the university level and graduated in 2019. Paris is interested in pursuing singing and acting activities. Bigi is interested in filmmaking.

Bigi released the short film Rochelle at the Santa Monica Film Festival (USA). The film received many compliments from critics present at the event. The story of the film revolves around two friends who have to compete against each other in a job application challenge at a famous restaurant, to see which of them will be accepted as a chef in the restaurant.

Michael Jackson's youngest son took his grandmother to court over financial disagreements - 2

Bigi Jackson has a private lifestyle (Photo: New York Post).

Bigi has lived a private life since his biological father passed away in 2009. Occasionally he attracts attention when appearing on the streets of Los Angeles (USA). Currently, Bigi suing his grandmother to court is the young man’s first notable move since entering adulthood.

At the age of 22, Bigi has a mature and masculine appearance, full of artistry. He has long hair and a beard. Bigi currently has a private house located in Calabasas city (USA). The house has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The project has been owned by Bigi since 2020, when he just turned 18 years old.

In 2017, Bigi’s late grandfather – Mr. Joe Jackson – once shared that Bigi was the grandson who reminded him the most of “pop king” Michael Jackson: “Bigi resembles his father in many aspects, Bigi It’s the nephew who reminds me of Michael the most.”

Bigi once conducted a rare television interview in 2021 to call on everyone to join hands to fight climate change. The reason Bigi agreed to appear on camera at that time was because during his lifetime, his father was also very active in environmental protection activities.

In this interview, Bigi said his goal in work is to “create things that excite people and also bring real benefits to their lives”.

Until today, nearly 15 years have passed since the “king of pop” Michael Jackson passed away, his three children have all grown up, although they have also had to go through many difficulties.

Michael Jackson’s children are very attached to each other and still regularly meet and accompany each other at events, as well as in common family activities. Michael Jackson’s three children always show concern for each other, even though each pursues their own path.

Michael Jackson’s children don’t have to think about money

In fact, money is not an issue that Michael Jackson’s children have to think much about. In 2023, the daughter of the “king of pop” – singer Paris Jackson – said she did not sing for money, because she herself… did not need money.

Paris Jackson affirmed that she only cares about the quality of the music products she brings to the audience. She doesn’t care too much about revenue issues.

Michael Jackson's youngest son took his grandmother to court over financial disagreements - 3

Mrs. Katherine Jackson brought her three grandchildren to an event with the presence of singer Justin Bieber many years ago (Photo: New York Post).

Michael Jackson's youngest son took his grandmother to court over financial disagreements - 4

“King of pop” Michael Jackson with his biological mother during his lifetime (Photo: New York Post).

At the time of Michael Jackson’s death, he was said to be in debt. However, after his death, the Jackson family still regularly collected royalties from the music products that Michael Jackson released to the market during his lifetime.

It is estimated that the Jackson family has earned more than 700 million USD in music royalties since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. Currently, the total wealth built from Michael Jackson’s name and career is estimated to be up to about 1.8 billion USD.

Since Michael Jackson’s death, each of his children has regularly received $8 million per year from this fortune. Michael Jackson’s three children will inherit an ever-increasing fortune, even after their father has been dead for many years.

At some age milestones, Michael Jackson’s children will receive special amounts of money to spend as they please. These age milestones are ages 18, 33 and 40.

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