Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost’ caught on camera (+video)

Michael Jackson fans have whipped themselves into a frenzy over video footage they claim shows the late singer haunting his Neverland home.

Footage of Jackson’s ‘ghost’ has been posted on YouTube after fans spotted a shadowy figure caught on camera during a TV crew’s tour of the late star’s Neverland ranch.

Ghost´ of Michael Jackson caught on camera pacing the corridors of Neverland CCTV-International

The spooky spectre appeared on CNN’s Inside Neverland live broadcast, which featured an interview with Larry King and Jermaine Jackson, from the now deserted home.

Watch the vid here:

Neither the presenter nor the cameraman noticed the spectre while they were filming. But after it was posted on YouTube fans quickly spotted the shadow and rumours spread across the internet like wildfire, reports Britain’s The Sun newspaper

Do you believe?

Slowed down footage appears to show a shadowy image move across a deserted corridor, before vanishing into thin air.

Internet chat rooms and forums have since been buzzing with fans debating the legitimacy of the footage and whether the shadow is their dead idol Jacko.

Michael Jackson's Ghost Spotted in the Room Where He Died? Real Estate Agent Who Sold Mj's

One YouTube user said: “Yes, that is MJ, even the hair style silhouette everything..!! Immortal!”

“That is so weird. I have played it over five times now and I have to admit that it does resemble MJ. I can’t believe I am saying that actually. It’s his image,” said another.

But to seasoned skeptics, the vision is merely a shadow likely cast by a crew member on the scene during the shoot.

In addition, a builder from Stafford looks into his car bonnet and sees the King of Pop’s face staring back.

Michael Jackson's ghost... spotted again? - YouTube

The builder took some pictures of his Rover 200 with the intention of sending them to a car sales magazine, he then realised Michael Jackson was staring back at him from the bonnet.

This is the la in a string of supernatural MJ experiences that have happened beyond the grave.

Rumour central

The apparent supernatural sighting is the latest in a number of oddball rumours to emerge following Jacko’s death. Which figures. This is Michael Jackson we’re talking about. What far-out wacko things he did in life echo for all eternity…

Let’s recap on what’s been feeding the rumour mills:

*No brainer. Several news reports claim that Jackson will be buried…without his brain. Following an autopsy at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office, Jackson’s brain was removed so that neurological tests could be performed – to determine what drugs he had taken.

Jackson’s family faced the grim option of waiting up to a month for the results to come back, before burying him, or go ahead with the funeral plans and bury the star without it. They chose the latter. Read all the grim details here.

We did and it put us right off our BLT and G&T we’d lined up for lunch.

Meet the woman who says she married Michael Jackson's ghost

Verdict : Probably true.

*Hologram. There are also wild internet reports that Jacko will indeed be touring the world and appearing on stage posthumously…as a 3D hologram. The

News Of The World claims that “footage of Michael from his past group and solo tours” will be projected at gigs next year.

Verdict: Cobblers. Textbook case of “Wish you were still here!”

*Barking. Oh, and there’s the family who claim the gloved one appeared in a tree stump the day he died. Like the “Virgin Grilled Mary” or “Cheesus,” the U.S. family believes Jacko’s spiritual image appeared right before their very eyes on a birch tree stump in their front yard.

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