Michael Jackson’s ex-wife wrote a book revealing shocking secrets about their marriage

‘When forced to choose between drugs and me, he pushed me away’ – the daughter of famous singer Elvis Presley revealed about the ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson.

The daughter of legendary rock star Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley has just signed a $4 million book contract with Gallery Books, revealing shocking details about her marriage with the “king of pop” Michael Jackson. At the same time, she also shared about life with her famous late father.

According to the New York Post, this book by Lisa Marie Presley promises to bring many unexpected and shocking details about Jackson’s personal life, things the audience has never known and are constantly curious about.

It is known that Lisa had a short marriage (1994-1996) with Michael Jackson. In January 1996, citing irreconcilable differences, Lisa filed for divorce.

Michael Jackson's wife wrote a book about the gay loss of her personality

Lisa and Michael Jackson broke up in 1996

Talking about the breakdown of her marriage with Michael Jackson, Lisa said: “When forced to choose between drugs and me, he pushed me away.” In Lisa’s eyes, the “king of pop” and her father are similar to each other. Talented people can create anything they want with their imagination.

Regarding the suspicion of Michael Jackson sexually abusing children, she expressed: “I believe he did nothing wrong. He was vilified. I wanted to save him and thought I could do it.”

In addition, this book will also mention Lisa’s memories of her famous father. When Elvis Presley died in 1977, she was only 9 years old and shared the fortune with her grandparents. In 1993, when Lisa was 25 years old, she inherited a fortune worth about 100 million USD. Besides Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley also married Danny Keough, Nicolas Cage and Michael Lockwood.

Lisa’s book has not yet set an official release date.

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