Liv Morgan’s potential “romance” with WWE RAW star will work, says legend, for a clear reason

Liv Morgan (left) and Dominik Mysterio (right)

Liv Morgan (left) and Dominik Mysterio (right)

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray believes a romance storyline between Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio will work.

After injuring Rhea Ripley a couple of weeks ago on Monday Night RAW, Liv Morgan had a face-off with Mami’s DomDom backstage last night on the red brand. On the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray suggested that the former SmackDown Women’s Champion could seduce Mysterio to find her way into The Judgment Day.

Meanwhile, the WWE Hall of Famer explained why he believes an on-screen romance between Morgan and Mysterio would work:

“Now, there’s been a lot of building with Liv and then stopping with Liv, building with Liv and stopping with Liv. Like you said, she’s had her day in the sun but maybe this is the opportunity to truly build Liv with real depth, real character, and a real story. Because Liv and Dominik is going to work, period. I could give you six months off the top of my head right now on how to do that. It’s very easy. We’ve seen situations like this before in real life where a woman manipulates a man to get what she wants or a man manipulates a woman to get what he wants. Happens every single day,” he said. [5:47 – 6:29]

Why didn’t Liv Morgan win the Women’s World Title on WWE RAW?

Although many expected Liv Morgan to leave Monday Night RAW with the Women’s World Championship, she was the last WWE Superstar eliminated from the Battle Royal as Becky Lynch captured the title.

On the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray speculated why the company booked Lynch to win the championship instead of Morgan:

“When you have a situation like what happened with Rhea Ripley, where there’s an unfortunate accident, she gets injured, and you have a championship that you need to double park on somebody, you double park it on a huge star. Because the huge star will be able to carry the championship until you build a star that you wanted to get to,” he said.

Morgan’s only SmackDown Women’s Championship reign lasted 97 days in 2022. It would be interesting to see if the 29-year-old can capture her second Women’s Title before the end of 2024.

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