Liv Morgan shares more photos and videos of herself and Lana

The two stars apparently shared a past

The two stars apparently shared a past

Following last week’s episode of RAW that saw chaos ensue following the return of Liv Morgan to object to the marriage of Lana and Bobby Lashley, Morgan would go on to share photos of herself and Lana earlier in the week.

It now appears as though the former Riott Squad member wasn’t done, as she’s shared more photos and videos!

Morgan would first share a selfie of her and Lana pouting for the camera, before posting a video of herself and the Ravishing Russian apparently driving to an event, telling people to come to the show.

Meanwhile, photos have also emerged of Lana and Liv Morgan enjoying their time at a Disney Park from the beginning of the year, and a video of Lana spying on her apparent former partner.

Meanwhile, the video of Liv Morgan’s return to WWE comfortably broke four million views on the YouTube video alone, with almost 2.5 million people tuning in to RAW to watch the show live.

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