Little known about the three children of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson

It has been 13 years since music star Michael Jackson suddenly passed away, the “King of Pop”‘s three children have all grown up and pursued different directions.

Michael Jackson went through two marriages and has 3 children including Prince Jackson (born 1997), Paris Jackson (born 1998) and Bigi Jackson (born 2002).

During his lifetime, the “King of Pop” was very strict in taking care of and protecting his children. Michael Jackson’s three children used to have to wear masks, were always guarded by bodyguards, and were closely supervised by their biological father every time they appeared in public.

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Michael Jackson with his three children (Photo: News).

On June 25, 2009, “King of Pop” Michael Jackson suddenly passed away, leaving behind a brilliant career and three children. Because he received protection from a very young age, when the Black or white singer suddenly died, his children’s lives began to face difficulties.

It is known that Michael Jackson left behind a large fortune and each of his children is provided with more than 8 million USD (about 185 billion VND) per year. 13 years have passed since his death, the three children have all grown up and made different life choices.

Michael Jackson’s eldest son – Prince Jackson is the child of singer Heal The World and nurse – Debbie Rowe. Prince lived with both parents for the first 2 years of his life, before Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe divorced in 1999. After the divorce, Michael Jackson won custody of the children.

During his lifetime, Michael Jackson always tried to preserve his children’s private lives, as well as support them in pursuing their own passions. When his father died, Prince gradually showed himself to be the perfect big brother. Prince “escorted” his sister to events many times, took intimate photos and posted them on Instagram. Prince also supported his sister in pursuing a career in modeling. With his youngest brother, Prince also always tried to protect him.

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Eldest son Prince and daughter Paris are the result of the marriage between Michael Jackson and his second wife – nurse Debbie Rowe (Photo: News).

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Michael Jackson always protected his children and kept them away from the media and fans (Photo: DM).

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Michael Jackson’s children became orphans when their father suddenly passed away in 2009 (Photo: DM).

Prince did not pursue art. He graduated with a degree in business from Loyola Marymount University, USA. After that, he founded his own company called King’s Son Productions – inspired by Michael Jackson’s nickname “King of Pop”. He cherishes the dream of doing his own music and television projects.

Prince repeatedly affirmed in media interviews that his biological father was a wonderful person and the person he loved the most. In 2018, at an awards ceremony where his biological father was honored, Prince proudly said of him: “This is truly a great moment, because our father is not only the King of Pop, he is also contribute a lot to society.”

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Prince and Paris often appear in front of the media while the youngest son Bigi always avoids the crowd (Photo: DM).

Among Michael’s children, only daughter – Paris Jackson seriously pursues art and work in the entertainment industry. She is also a famous child, appearing frequently in the media of the “King of Pop”. Paris is currently a model and actress. She received support from her brother.

Compared to his brothers, Paris is considered to have a rebellious personality. In an interview with Rolling Stone , Paris admitted she has nine tattoos related to her late father. “Dad always brought me joy. I do this to remember him,” she said.

When her father suddenly passed away, Paris had psychological problems, attempted suicide and had to go to rehab for treatment. The daughter of a famous star admitted that growing up in a famous family, being the daughter of a legend and the shock of losing her beloved father turned her life as well as those of her relatives upside down. Paris had a rather intense and rebellious adulthood.

Among the three children of the King of Pop, the youngest son Bigi (also known as Blanket) is probably the quietest and rarely appears in front of the media. Currently, Bigi has graduated from high school. He attended high school at a famous school in Los Angeles, USA, where the children of many American stars study. Bigi is a person who has had passion and talent for music since he was young. With the support of his siblings, Bigi also plans to try music.

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Michael Jackson’s only daughter – Paris Jackson is actively active in the entertainment industry and is the most unique child of the “King of Pop” (Photo: Pinterest).

Unlike his siblings, Bigi does not have a mother and does not know who her mother is. If Prince and Paris are the result of a quick marriage between Michael and the nurse – Deborah Jeanne Rowe, then Blanket does not know who his mother is.

In 2002, when Bigi was born, Michael Jackson declared that this was his own beautiful and lovely son and refused to reveal the child’s mother. Місhаеl said that he named his youngest son Blanket (meaning blanket) which means blessing and the boy is the warmth of the whole family.

Michael Jackson said Bigi was the result of in vitro fertilization from the woman and his sperm. And Blanket grew up without his mother’s caring hands but was loved by his father. He lost his father when he was only 7 years old.

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Michael Jackson’s youngest child – Bigi (left) made a rare appearance at an event at the end of 2021 (Photo: AP).

After Michael Jackson passed away, his children moved back to live with their grandmother. Lacking the affection and care of his parents since he was young, Bigi’s personality is somewhat quieter than his two older siblings. He chose a quiet, simple life and hardly appeared in public.

Since 2015, he changed his name from Blanket to Bigi. The reason is that Michael Jackson’s youngest son became a victim of bullying at school because of the name Blanket.

This year, Bigi is 19 years old but does not use social networks, does not communicate with the public and spends a lot of time reading comics and researching games. Compared to his two older siblings, images and information about Bigi are quite rare in the media.

In a television appearance at the end of 2021, Bigi called on everyone to join hands to fight climate change. He revealed that, because during his lifetime, his father was an active person in environmental protection activities, so he wanted to call on people to pay attention to environmental issues on his behalf.

Currently, Michael Jackson’s children regularly participate in activities of environmental protection organizations. Bigi shared: “Our generation now understands the importance of protecting nature.”

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Bigi, also known as Blanket, does not use social networks and maintains a private and quiet life (Photo: Backgrid).

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