King of Pop Michael Jackson’s daughter stopped smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day

Paris Jackson, daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson, revealed that she is living as healthily and healthily as possible. In the past, the young girl was rumored to be an addict and attempted to commit suicide many times.

Paris Jackson, 24 years old, recently had an interview with SPIN magazine. The daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson said she is starting to go to therapy and has quit the habit of smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day.

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“I am currently as happy and healthy as possible. When I look in the mirror, I no longer hate what I see and I love myself more… I try to be kind to myself.

There are some bad days when I don’t treat myself as well as I would like. I don’t do anything perfectly, but I try to improve every day. Because I view myself as a friend, when I don’t maintain a boundary or when I don’t set a boundary, it’s like helping a friend.”

Paris said she lives happier and happier thanks to her new lifestyle. The young girl is now going to therapy and even goes climbing at a gym near her home. After years of struggling with self-loathing, Paris Jackson finally learned to love herself.

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Paris Jackson (Photo: Getty Images).

Paris is pursuing her own music career and she shares how it feels to be compared to her late father, pop icon Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackson said: “My emotions change from day to day. Some days I feel pressured and some days I feel fine. The music I make is completely different from my father. I don’t sing R&B music, soul and funk. I love all forms of art. I like to draw but I usually don’t show my works to many people.

Overall I feel I did well thanks to my loving and devoted fans. My real joy is meeting some interesting people and having real conversations. Besides, I also love fashion. I believe it is a form of art.”

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Paris Jackson is a singer and actress (Photo: Getty Images).

Paris Jackson was born into a special family. Her father, Michael Jackson, was once the most famous music star in the world and soon won the title of King of Pop. Paris Jackson has been in the entertainment industry for several years now. Possessing a unique beauty, Paris Jackson achieved a lot of success quite easily when she came from a rich and famous family.

Paris once shared that, after her father’s death, she and her brothers moved in with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson. The new life completely changed and that was also when Paris harmed herself.

On the Facebook Watch show Unfiltered  : Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn , the King of Pop’s only daughter revealed that she lived a very healthy lifestyle with her father, but when she moved in with her grandmother, No more rules needed.

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“Food became an addiction,” says Paris Jackson. “And then a cousin called me fat and I was like, ‘Okay, I can’t do that anymore,’ and then I fell in love.” self-harm”. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the singer revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a complete stranger when she was 14 years old.

At the time, Jackson felt like she didn’t fit in with many of her peers at the private school where she attended seventh grade. Instead, she falls into a crowd with “a lot of older people doing a lot of crazy things”. Paris Jackson admitted that she tried to grow up quickly even though it wasn’t a good thing. “I did a lot of things that 13, 14, 15 year olds shouldn’t do,” she told Rolling Stone.

After times of self-torture, Paris Jackson finally had the intention of committing suicide. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the young star revealed that she tried to commit suicide “many times”, but it only became public once when she was 15 years old, during a period of depression and drug addiction.

Paris Jackson lộ vòng một đeo nhũ hoa

Paris Jackson did not have an easy life. That’s just the price of being Michael Jackson’s daughter. In an episode of Unfiltered, the singer revealed that past traumas motivate her to create: “Whether my dad passed away or all the things that happened in my life, if I don’t say about it or if I didn’t put it into music, it would completely ruin my life.”

Currently, Paris Jackson seems stronger than ever, even though she once said she still finds it difficult to accept herself. In an interview, Paris revealed that she is “struggling to accept herself” and that it is always a job that requires daily effort. “I want to influence and advocate for self-acceptance, courage and comfort in your own skin. I’m trying to be content, one step at a time, even though self-love is hard.” .

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