Is Charlotte Flair coming back to WWE? All you need to know about her status

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is currently on hiatus

Charlotte Flair has not been seen on WWE television since December last year, as she has been recovering from an injury. However, The Queen has been making several non-televised appearances outside of the promotion lately, adding fuel to rumors of her return.

However, Charlotte Flair’s return to the Stamford-based promotion is currently not on the horizon. The fact that The Queen was excluded from the 2024 WWE Draft seemingly indicates that her status is still obscure. The former Women’s Champion has not yet fully recovered from her knee surgery.

Nevertheless, she is currently running ahead of her expected recovery timeline. Amid her absence from WWE programming, The Queen has been regularly working out at the gym and doing leg exercises, including squats, to recuperate faster and prepare for her in-ring comeback.

Although Charlotte Flair has made significant progress in her recovery, she is still expected to be sidelined for around nine months. Therefore, she will likely not return to WWE anytime soon.

Ric Flair shed light on Charlotte Flair’s return timeline

WWE legend Ric Flair recently made an appearance on Busted Open, where he made some interesting remarks about his daughter’s recovery. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that Charlotte’s recovery has been going quite well.

The Nature Boy added that Charlotte was running ahead of her expected recovery period due to her unwavering dedication and strict workout routine. However, Ric Flair said she advised her daughter to comply with the doctor’s suggested rehab timeline.

Ric further mentioned that to perform all her moves, like the Corkscrew Moonsault, The Queen has to be at her absolute best. Hence, he implied that Charlotte would only return to the Stamford-based promotion after she had fully recovered from her surgery.

As per Ric Flair, The Queen will complete her nine-month rehab before making her comeback to the company. It remains to be seen how things shape up in the coming months for Charlotte Flair.

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