“I couldn’t do it” – When Alexa Bliss opened up about her dating experiences

Alexa Bliss won her first WWE title in 2016

Alexa Bliss won her first WWE title in 2016

Alexa Bliss has been one of the most prominent superstars in the women’s division since making her main roster debut in 2016. Along the way, the five-time WWE Women’s Champion has shared a lot of information about her life outside of the ring, including her dating history.

In 2020, Nikki and Brie Garcia (fka The Bella Twins) appeared on the WWE podcast Uncool with Alexa Bliss. All three women discussed their upbringing and difficulties finding love at a young age.

Bliss, who is now married to musician Ryan Cabrera, recalled how she was “terrified” of boys during her teenage years:

“I remember my first boyfriend, like my first high school boyfriend, his name was Matt, he was in a band, and he was like so cool. My parents hired his band to play my 15th birthday party. He was the lead singer, he had the long skater hair, he did the hair flip any time he’d look at you, and then after my birthday he said, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ and I just go, ‘I have to ask my parents because you’re older than me.’ I was just terrified of boys. Like, I couldn’t do it. My dates were always just so embarrassing.” [18:12 – 18:49]Bliss added that her mother, Angela, warned her not to get pregnant at a young age. Angela was only 18 years old when she gave birth to the WWE Superstar in 1991.

Alexa Bliss wishes she could redo her early dates

The popular superstar previously dated AEW wrestler Buddy Matthews, fka Buddy Murphy in WWE, before marrying Ryan Cabrera.

Bliss felt that she gave some people the wrong impression about what she was really like:

“I wish I could just go back and redo every one of my dates and not be so embarrassed because then I got that reputation of being reserved and a prude and all this stuff. But it was what it was. There’s just a lot of like embarrassing moments in high school that happened from that.” [18:51 – 19:10]Bliss is one of WWE’s most decorated female superstars of all time. The 31-year-old has won almost every major women’s title in the company, including the RAW Women’s Championship (x3), SmackDown Women’s Championship (x2), and Women’s Tag Team Championship (x3).

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