How did Randy Orton help calm down a scared Becky Lynch? Exploring rarely known incident

Becky Lynch and Randy Orton; Two of the greatest champions in WWE history

Becky Lynch and Randy Orton: Two of the greatest champions in WWE history

Becky Lynch is back at the very pinnacle of WWE. She won the Women’s World Championship on RAW this week in a Women’s Battle Royal.

By now she is experienced in winning championships; however, there was a time when even The Man used to get nervous, whether it was before a title match or after she won one. And that was the case when she became the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion. However, in an interesting turn of events, Randy Orton helped calm her down.

Back in 2016, Becky Lynch defeated Carmella to become the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion. But, as she revealed in her book, Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, she was a nervous wreck after her win.

She was going through a rollercoaster of emotions and it was not until she met Randy Orton backstage that she calmed down. She recalled how The Viper addressed her as “champ” and, seeing how nervous she was, told her a story about the first time he was referred to the same way.

“He clearly sensed my nerves, as he responded kindly, ‘I remember when an old-timer called me champ for the first time,’ as he imitated himself being chuffed with himself, but then trying to brush it off as if he was cool. I thought it was cool anyway. Even Randy Orton had felt like this,” wrote Becky Lynch.This gave Becky Lynch some respite and helped calm her down. After all, if a multi-time WWE Champion felt this way, what she was feeling was only justified.

“Maybe this was normal after all and I wasn’t so underserving, even if I was more scared than ever,” noted Lynch.

It certainly was a special moment. One that helped Lynch realize that it was okay to feel afraid, even if you are at the very top of your industry. And, given how she has held herself as champion countless times over the last eight years, it’s safe to say her exchange with Orton left its mark.

Becky Lynch had a special message for her daughter after her championship win

Becky Lynch is a champion in WWE once more. Eight years after becoming the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion, The Man captured the Women’s World Championship. It is a monumental achievement and one that Lynch has every right to be proud of. But, what is most important, is that she got to keep the promise she made to herself prior to WrestleMania 40.

Although she did not win the title from Rhea Ripley, she did become champion soon after. Following her victory, she sent a special message to her daughter, Roux. She posted a picture of herself with Roux on Instagram, holding the title, and wrote she does everything just for her daughter.

A wonderful message, that shows Roux that her mother is a woman who can do it all. Years from now, she will look back at this picture with pride. After all, her mother is one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time, and now she is the Women’s World Champion again.

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