From the gridiron to the nursery: Patrick Mahomes shares why being a dad tops his list of achievements.

How Fatherhood Has Helped Fuel Patrick Mahomes’ Success

At just 26 years old, Patrick Mahomes has already accomplished so much in his NFL career. He’s a Super Bowl champion, a Super Bowl MVP, and has been named NFL MVP, all within his first four seasons as a starting quarterback. Off the field, Mahomes recently welcomed his second child with fiancée Brittany Matthews. While being a young father presents its challenges, Mahomes credits fatherhood for helping elevate aspects of his game and life. Here’s a closer look at how becoming a dad may be contributing to his continued success.

Patience on and off the Field

Any parent knows that raising children requires immense patience. From dealing with tantrums and behavior issues to teaching basic life skills, there is no shortage of opportunities that test a parent’s patience on a daily basis. Mahomes has acknowledged that fatherhood has helped increase his patience, an important trait for any quarterback.

“As a quarterback in the NFL, you have to be patient. You’re going to make mistakes, but you can’t get down on yourself,” Mahomes told Sports Illustrated in 2021. “You have to keep pushing forward and keep that confidence. I think being a dad has really helped with my patience.”

Having a one-year-old daughter and now a newborn son has undoubtedly taught Mahomes the value of patience. Young children demand constant attention and can get upset easily, so dads have to learn to stay calm in stressful moments. This translates well to Mahomes’ on-field demeanor. Even when plays break down or mistakes happen, he appears unfazed and keeps his composure.

Mahomes credits his ability to bounce back from interceptions or sacks with the same poise he uses to handle tantrums or sleepless nights. Fatherhood is schooling him that things may not always go according to plan, but keeping a level head is key to eventual success. His poised demeanor under pressure has become a hallmark of his game and one of the primary reasons for his incredible success at such a young age.

Shifting Perspective to the Big Picture

Another way fatherhood has impacted Mahomes is by giving him a shift in perspective. Before becoming a dad, Mahomes was solely focused on football and his individual accomplishments. But the arrival of his daughter Sterling in 2021 and son Bronze in 2022 has shown him there is more to life than stats and Super Bowl rings.

“It’s given me a different perspective on life, to not necessarily worry about what’s going on in football all the time,” Mahomes explained. “You want to worry about your family and being the best dad and husband you can be.”

This new perspective has likely benefited Mahomes in a few key ways. First, it takes the enormous pressure off always having to be “Superman” on the field. He realizes life goes on even if he has a few subpar games. Secondly, it gives him motivation beyond just himself. Mahomes wants to succeed for the sake of supporting his family and being a role model for his kids.

Finally, stepping back from the minutiae of football has probably improved his mental health. Too much focus on performance can lead to burnout, but having a home life gives needed balance. Mahomes appears happier and more well-rounded since becoming a dad, and that contentment likely spills into his on-field performance. A balanced life and family focus can only help maximize his talents over the long haul.

Leading By Example

Great leaders know how to motivate their teammates, and fatherhood seems to be enhancing Mahomes’ already strong leadership abilities. He frequently praises his teammates publicly and is always one of the first to celebrate their successes. Some of this encouragement surely comes from his experiences as a dad.

“Being a father has definitely helped with being a leader,” Mahomes told Sports Illustrated. “You’re always trying to encourage your kids and keep them going even when things aren’t perfect. It’s translated to football by keeping my teammates up even when we may hit a rough patch.”

Much like cheering on a child through their activities, Mahomes understands the value of positive reinforcement. His encouragement lifts up his teammates and fuels their confidence. He also leads by resilient example, just as dads are expected to bounce back from challenges without complaint.

Fatherhood has taught Mahomes that people perform at their best when feeling empowered and supported. This understanding has made him an even more empathetic leader who gets contributions from everyone. His teammates clearly respect his encouragement and play that much harder to reward his faith in them. Leading a family and leading an NFL offense require similar skills, and Mahomes’ paternal instincts serve him extremely well as a captain.

Re-Evaluating Work-Life Balance

Juggling the dual roles of star quarterback and devoted father presents its own challenges for time management and work-life balance. Mahomes has been upfront about the difficulties of maximizing time with his family around his NFL schedule, especially during the season.

“It’s hard because during the season I’m gone all day at practice and games. The weekends are really the only time I get,” Mahomes acknowledged. “It’s about finding that right balance and really soaking in the moments you do get with your kids.”

This re-evaluation of priorities is surely beneficial to Mahomes’ long-term well-being and career longevity. Rather than burning himself out striving for impossible standards, he seems more willing to accept imperfect balance. Mahomes realizes no one can be super dad and superstar simultaneously without compromise.

Finding balance helps Mahomes avoid mental and physical fatigue. He isn’t as likely to place unrealistic pressure on himself to be perfect when he has more perspective on what really matters. Mahomes appears happier and more content when discussing fatherhood nowadays, and players perform best from a place of inner peace.

Prioritizing family also means Mahomes is less apt to take unnecessary risks with his health or career longevity in pursuit of records and awards. He understands he has more people depending on him, further incentivizing safe choices. A balanced mind and lifestyle can only aid Mahomes’ longevity as one of the premier NFL talents of his generation.

Renewed Motivation

While fatherhood brings responsibilities, it also fuels new motivation for many men. Providing financial stability and being a role model are core goals for dads. For Mahomes, knowing he’s supporting his young family can only increase his drive to excel.

“It motivates me to keep working hard and keep striving for more,” Mahomes said. “I’m doing it for my family – I want to make sure my kids want for nothing.”

Comments from teammates indicate they’ve noticed a change in Mahomes’ focus and energy since having children. He maintains an intense work ethic perfecting his craft with the mindset that nothing can be left to chance. A renewed motivation to take care of his family long-term is pushing Mahomes to even greater heights.

At only 26, Mahomes likely has 10-15 more productive NFL seasons ahead of him if able to avoid major injuries. With increased perspective, leadership, patience, and motivation from fatherhood, he may achieve stats and accomplishments we’ve never seen from a quarterback. His children seem to be fueling the best version of Mahomes yet, further cementing his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

While fatherhood isn’t a cure-all for the challenges of being an elite athlete, it’s clear the experience has enriched Mahomes’ life in many positive ways. The lessons, perspective, and motivation derived from raising his young family seem to be maximizing his incredible talents. Mahomes is thriving both as a dad and superstar QB, showing just how complementary those roles can be. His success is demonstrating that fatherhood may be the best thing for his continued greatness.

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