Former RAW General Manager on Mercedes Mone wanting a WWE return: “At least she’s honest about it”

Sasha Banks is a former WWE superstar <span data-mce-type=[Image Credits: WWE” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”″ />

Sasha Banks is a former WWE superstar [Image Credits: WWE’s website]

A former RAW General Manager has shared his insight on Mercedes Mone teasing an eventual return to WWE. The individual in question is Eric Bischoff.

The CEO became a center point of conversation when she left WWE in 2022 due to creative frustrations. Since then, Mone has performed in NJPW and its sister promotion, Stardom, although she has been away from action since suffering a serious injury at NJPW Strong Resurgence 2023.

The former NXT Women’s Champion is expected to officially debut in AEW on the March 13, 2024, episode of Dynamite, titled Big Business. However, in a recent interview, Mone implied that she has plans to eventually return to WWE at some point in the future, which has led to fans speculating about her future in wrestling.

Speaking on Kick Rocks Wrestling podcast, the 32-year-old star expressed her gratitude towards WWE for its contributions to her success, and suggested that she still had scores to settle in the Stamford-based promotion. Taking to X/Twitter, Eric Bischoff re-tweeted a clip of Mone’s comments, claiming that she was at least being honest about her future goals.

“At least she’s honest about it,” wrote Bischoff.Check out the tweet below:

Eric Bischoff claimed former WWE star Mercedes Mone’s AEW arrival won’t help with ratings

All Elite Wrestling has emerged as one of the leading wrestling promotions in the world. The company has recently added international stars like Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada to its already stacked roster.

Another major player whose AEW debut is on the horizon is former WWE superstar Mercedes Mone. The Boss is poised to make her first appearance in the Tony Khan-led promotion in the TD Garden in Boston on Dynamite: Big Business 2024. Although fans are hyped for Mone’s addition to the company’s women’s division, former wrestling booker Eric Bischoff claimed that she will not be able to help significantly with ratings.

On the Strictly Business podcast, Easy E stated that while Mercedes Mone’s debut in All Elite Wrestling will boost ratings to an extent, it is likely to fail at drawing viewership figures of over 900,000.

“You know, you may see a bump, I’m sure. She’s got a lot of fans out there. So yeah, she’ll get a bump. Do I think it will break a million? They may not get 900, which is a win. And in today’s environment, anything over seven, or anything over 800, is, you know, cause for celebration, I guess. So little better than that, depending on what they’re up against,” Eric Bischoff said. (H/T Wrestling Headlines)

It remains to be seen whether the former Smackdown Women’s Champion comes out as All Elite on Dynamite: Big Business.

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