Dr Umar and Janet Jackson Expose what happened to Michael Jackson

The clip of Dr. Umar Johnson discussing Michael Jackson’s business dealings and the alleged sabotage of his album “Invincible” sheds light on the complexities of the music industry and the challenges faced by artists, particularly those who seek independence from major corporations.

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According to Dr. Umar, Jackson’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was not driven by romantic motives but rather as a strategic move to acquire a stake in Elvis Presley’s catalog. Sony Records allegedly wanted Jackson to sell back the catalog, but he refused, leading to the sabotage of his album by the music industry.

Michael’s sister, La Toya Jackson, reportedly expressed beliefs that Michael was murdered due to his defiance against the industry’s pressures. Michael himself was said to have voiced concerns about his safety, indicating a fear of being targeted.

Jackson’s success and his ownership of half of Sony’s publishing made him a threat to the establishment, leading to various challenges and scandals throughout his career. Despite these obstacles, Jackson remained committed to his principles and refused to be manipulated by corporate interests.

The narrative presented suggests a pattern of exploitation and manipulation within the music industry, with artists often being controlled and silenced when they challenge the status quo. Kanye West is cited as another artist who has spoken out against such exploitation, likening his actions to those of Michael Jackson.

The commentary emphasizes the importance of supporting artists who dare to challenge the establishment and advocate for their rights and creative freedom. It also calls attention to the need for systemic change within the music industry to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for artists.

Overall, the discussion prompts reflection on the power dynamics within the entertainment industry and the challenges faced by artists who strive for independence and integrity in their craft.

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