Dolph Ziggler reveals why his heart was broken in real life during the Mandy Rose and Otis storyline

The storyline left fans rooting for Otis while Ziggler turned into a massive heel on the blue brand.

The storyline left fans rooting for Otis while Dolph Ziggler turned into a massive heel on the blue brand.

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler has revealed his heartbreaking regret about his popular storyline with Mandy Rose and Otis.

In early 2020, Otis kicked off a romantic angle with Mandy Rose, with Ziggler doing everything he could to make sure the duo wouldn’t be together. The WWE Universe was heavily invested in the story and Otis instantly became a massive babyface.

The angle culminated at WrestleMania 36 at the Performance Center where Rose helped Otis defeat Dolph Ziggler. In a heartfelt moment, Rose kissed Otis following his big win. While talking with Sam Roberts, Ziggler heaped massive praise on the angle:

“I hate, I fuc*ing hate that I had one singles match in 18 years and it was on a soundproof stage with no fans. And here’s why I hate it. I don’t hate it because I got one ever and there was nobody there. That’s hilarious, that’s a great rib. I am heartbroken that this beautiful story of this kick-as* lady and this bada** guy that you’re rooting for, and this a** 80s bad guy with his collar popped. It’s my whole life, I’m finally on TV.” [1:05-1:50]Ziggler then revealed his heartbreaking regret about the love triangle storyline:

“I finally get it and we invest so much time and we have like, not the matches, not the stuff that you guys see is important. The behind-the-scenes things were… Sonya and I had this weird chemistry right off the bad where we seem like these Bond villains. This is the most beautiful story I’ve ever been a part of in his company. I’m so proud of it and I go all I wanted, not to wrestle in front of you guys. That would have been awesome. That moment where I get punched in the balls and Otis picks up Mandy and they kiss, and I’m heartbroken that this is not in front of 80,000 people and it broke my heart because it was the payoff to a long story.” [2:01-2:48]

Dolph Ziggler didn’t lose hope of getting Mandy back after the loss

After the WrestleMania 36 loss, Dolph Ziggler kept pursuing Mandy Rose with occasional flirty messages directed to her on social media. Mandy’s romantic angle with Otis continued for a while before she was traded to WWE RAW later that year.

Mandy Rose isn’t with WWE anymore. Her final run with the company saw her grab the NXT Women’s Champion for a long time which impressed fans on NXT. It remains to be seen if she ever makes a return to WWE in the distant future.

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