Did Naomi pay tribute to her real-life friend Mercedes Mone on WWE SmackDown? Taking a look at the comparisons

Mercedes Mone and Naomi

Mercedes Mone is a former WWE Superstar

Tonight on SmackDown, Naomi took on IYO SKY in a revenge match for last week’s assault. However, The Glow might’ve paid tribute to Mercedes Mone (FKA Sasha Banks) tonight. In this article, we will take a look at the comparison.

Tonight on the blue brand, Naomi sported a familiar look for her match against IYO SKY. She wore neon green and blue attire, and her hair was colorful, blue being the dominant color. She also wore a puffed jacket backstage.

Her entire look tonight seemed inspired by Mercedes Mone’s attire and look during her time in NJPW and AEW.

Since her exit from the WWE, Mercedes Mone has sported vibrant hair with the dollar symbol spray painted on it, and she has also worn similar colors. The resemblance was uncanny and could be Naomi’s way of paying tribute to the CEO after her AEW debut.

Naomi showed her support for Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut

It’s been a few weeks since Mone shocked the world by debuting in AEW. The wrestling world has been talking about it ever since.

To support their friend, Naomi, Bayley, and Tamina attended the show wearing masks so that no one would recognize them. However, Bayley was spotted in the audience.

Bayley commented on attending Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut

Bayley and Mercedes’ friendship began during her days in NXT, during which they were part of many historic moments. Throughout their career, these two women would go on to share the ring several times and achieve numerous milestones together, further solidifying their friendship.

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, The Role Model opened up on why she attended AEW Dynamite: Big Business to support her best friend and former colleague.

“[Mercedes] is the best, I wouldn’t be here without her,” Bayley said. “She’s done so much for me. Even after she was done with WWE, she’s been there for me in my big moments. So I know I need to be there for her continuously throughout the years. It was incredible, I’m just happy that she was on a Wednesday where I’m like, ‘alright, I can actually make a Wednesday, that’s one of our few days off.'”

It will be interesting to see if The Role Model will also pay tribute to the former Sasha Banks in the next few weeks.

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