CM Punk provides a crucial injury recovery update after SmackDown goes off the air

Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube

CM Punk was backstage on SmackDown (Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube)

CM Punk was advertised for the WWE Draft edition of SmackDown, although it wasn’t specified that he would be on the show. After SmackDown went off the air, he appeared and gave a crucial injury update.

As fans may know, CM Punk has been out of action since the 2024 Royal Rumble, when Drew McIntyre injured him. However, he has made sporadic appearances, and his last two on-screen appearances saw him directly cost Drew McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship as well as the opportunity to become the number-one contender again.

After SmackDown went off the air, CM Punk confirmed that while he isn’t 100% recovered, the day of his return is getting closer.

“I wanted to give a little update. My tricep is not a 100% yet but I promise, soon, I will be back and I’ll be competing with all the tough bada**es backstage.”

According to the estimates based on the nature of his triceps injury and the surgery he underwent, he is expected to be back in WWE around July or basically the summer of this year.

When he returns, he will be expected to pick up where he left off against Drew McIntyre. A fan spotted him in a funny place during the show.

He is expected to be on RAW as well, but it’s unclear as to whether it’s a televised appearance or not.

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