Chelsea Green sends a warning before major title match

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is a former Women’s Tag Team Champion

Chelsea Green has sent a warning to NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez ahead of their title match next week.

Ever since her return to WWE over a year ago, Chelsea Green has proven to be one of the most entertaining superstars on the WWE roster. Her antics with the onscreen authority figures, especially Adam Pearce, have made for entertaining television.

Despite her comical ways, Chelsea captured her first title in the company last year when she won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship along with Sonya Deville. Unfortunately, the latter got injured and was soon replaced by Piper Niven. While they failed to hold on to the titles for a long time, Chelsea now has the chance to win her first singles title in WWE.

This week on NXT Spring Breakin’, Roxanne Perez was upset that she was overlooked in the WWE Draft and gave the NXT General Manager, Ava, a piece of her mind. As a result, The Rock’s daughter announced that Perez would defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Green next week.

Chelsea Green has now taken to social media to warn Roxanne Perez ahead of their title match. She reacted to one of the champ’s posts where she claimed to be “Superiority at its finest.” To this, the SmackDown star wrote:

“oop – this won’t age well #MakeNXTGreenAgain.”Check out her tweet here:

Nick Aldis is unhappy that Chelsea Green is now on SmackDown

The 2024 WWE Draft just took place last week. Several Superstars switched brands during the Draft. Two of those superstars are Chelsea Green and Piper Niven, who SmackDown drafted.

Following the Draft, Green and Piper Niven met Nick Aldis, who wasn’t pleased. He joked that Chelsea couldn’t even spell SmackDown correctly and said Adam Pearce owed him for this. On the other hand, Pearce was elated since Green had been a thorn in his side for a long time.

Check out the clip of their interaction here:

It will be interesting to see if Green can win her first singles title in WWE next week.

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