Bayley tears fan’s sign in front of him at WWE Live Event despite being a babyface

Bayley is the WWE Women

Bayley is the WWE Women’s Champion.

Old habits die hard. That’s what happened with Bayley, who ripped up a WWE fan’s sign despite being a babyface. She just couldn’t help herself. To be fair to her, it was in support of her heated rival.

The Role Model defeated IYO SKY at tonight’s WWE Live Event in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Following the match, she took a sign from the front row that said “IYO SKY MY CHAMP.” The rest was inevitable. Bayley was very nice about it, though, which is the difference between her doing it as a heel and as a babyface.

The WWE Women’s Champion posted a tweet about her actions, along with a video of it. She said that despite not being in Damage CTRL anymore, “you can’t take da DAMAGE outta Bayley.” The clip shows that The Role Model apologized to the fan whose sign it was, stating that it was for the camera:

“Sorry, it’s for the camera. It’s okay to be a fan of losers. I still love you,” she said.Check out the video below:

It remains to be seen whether the WWE Women’s Champion will move to RAW during the upcoming Draft. Her title is not bound to SmackDown, so there’s a chance the two female world champions can switch shows.

Who is Bayley’s next challenger for the WWE Women’s Championship?

While IYO SKY is facing Bayley at Live Events, she isn’t immediately pursuing a rematch on SmackDown. The Role Model instead has multiple challengers vying for her WWE Women’s Championship. She defended the title against Naomi on last week’s episode of the blue brand, but it didn’t end well for either of them.

The match was thrown out due to interference from Tiffany Stratton, who attacked both women to stand tall at the end of the show. This could lead to a triple threat match between The Role Model, Naomi, and Stratton at Backlash. Depending on where everyone gets drafted, a new WWE Women’s Champion might be crowned in France.

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