Alexa Bliss to take time off from WWE – Reports

As per Wrestling Inc.’s Raj Giri, it’s reported that Alexa Bliss is set to take a hiatus from WWE programming after her recent title match against Charlotte Flair at WWE Extreme Rules.

The report indicates uncertainty regarding whether the events of last night were scripted to write off Alexa Bliss from television. It remains unclear whether Bliss will be present on WWE RAW tonight. Regardless, the report suggests that her planned absence from WWE programming will commence shortly.

Alexa Bliss challenged for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules

In the latest WWE action, Alexa Bliss faced off against Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women’s Championship at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Despite Bliss’s attempt to reclaim the title, her efforts were in vain, and Charlotte Flair emerged victorious, standing tall at the end of the hard-fought match. Post-match, Flair unleashes her frustration by attacking Bliss and venting her anger on Bliss’s symbolic companion, Lilly, destroying the doll in the process.

Charlotte’s act of tearing Lilly apart sparked intense fury in Bliss, leading to a poignant moment where Bliss sat in the ring, visibly devastated over the loss of her cherished doll. Lilly has been a crucial element of Bliss’s character, playing a significant role in her recent storylines and feuds.

Since forming an alliance with Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss has infused a darker, paranormal dimension into her character. Despite Wyatt’s departure from WWE two months ago, the former RAW Women’s Champion has stayed committed to her unique and mystifying persona.

The prospect of Alexa Bliss taking time away from WWE television raises curiosity about whether she might return with a new character. The evolution of Bliss’s persona has been a compelling aspect of her career, and any potential changes could add fresh dimensions to her character.

As for feelings about Bliss’s potential absence, it’s a mixed sentiment. Fans may miss her presence on-screen, especially considering the unique elements she brings to the WWE universe. However, it also sets the stage for potential surprises and reinventions upon her return, keeping the audience intrigued. Share your thoughts on this report in the comments section below.

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