Alexa Bliss sends a message to R-Truth after he shares heartbreaking family update

Alexa Bliss and R-Truth (via WWE

Alexa Bliss and R-Truth (via WWE’s YouTube and website)

Former women’s champion Alexa Bliss recently sent a heartfelt message to fellow WWE Superstar R-Truth after the latter shared a heartbreaking update on Twitter.

R-Truth was on cloud nine at WrestleMania XL when he won the RAW Tag Team Title with The Miz. Truth couldn’t celebrate his win, though, as he learned that his cousin, Rosco, had suffered a stroke the very night.

“My cousin Rosco had a stroke the night I had my Big Wrestle Mania winning the WWE tag team championship 😔, He has ALWAYS been my biggest supporter! Every time I see him he would tell me how proud of me he was, That meant more to me than anything!! Life doesn’t come with a handbook, experience is the best teacher, take time to stop, breath, listen, learn, and absorb. We create make and will remember the memories🙏🏾 make’em count #imagetright.”R-Truth recently shared the news on his official Twitter handle and received well wishes from several WWE Superstars. Alexa Bliss has now sent a wholesome message to Truth as well, as can be seen below:

Alexa Bliss is currently on a WWE hiatus

Little Miss Bliss has been on a WWE hiatus since early 2023. She gave birth to her daughter Hendrix Rouge Cabrera on November 27, 2023. There’s no concrete news yet on Bliss’ eventual WWE return. Her fans are patiently waiting to see her back in action.

The star is one of the foremost names of the women’s division and it is not a surprise that fans miss her presence on TV. Alexa Bliss was also undergoing treatment for skin cancer, as she revealed the unfortunate circumstance in March 2023. The star is already a five-time women’s champion and is also the winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Following the return of Bray Wyatt, Bliss was seen, once again, leaning towards the dark side. However, things changed drastically with Alexa Bliss’ hiatus and Wyatt’s unfortunate demise.

It remains to be seen how things pan out for the former women’s champion.

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