5 WWE Superstars that Bayley has been romantically linked with in real life

Bayley with Seth Rollins (left) and with Finn Balor (right)

Bayley with Seth Rollins (left) and with Finn Balor (right)

After nearly four years of competing on the independent circuit, Bayley signed with WWE in 2012. She has since had great success in the Stamford-based company, becoming the first-ever Women’s Grand Slam Champion. She currently leads Damage Control on Monday Night RAW.

Over the past decade, Bayley has made several friends in WWE. One of her close friends is former Divas Champion AJ Lee. She has also been romantically linked to a few of her co-workers, including three former Universal Champions.

Here are five WWE Superstars Bayley has been romantically linked with in real life.

#5. Aaron Solow

Bayley and Aaron Solow were engaged

Bayley and Aaron Solow were engaged

While working on the independent circuit, Bayley first met former WWE Superstar Aaron Solow in 2010. The couple dated for a few years before getting engaged in 2016.

However, the couple called off their engagement and went their separate ways in February 2021. In a statement he posted on Twitter, Solow explained why he and Bayley broke up:

“This has been an extremely difficult decision to make. Pam (Bayley) and I have come to the realization that we have a completely different idea of what we want our future to look like, because of this we feel that it would be in our best interests to call off our engagement and end our relationship. We have a lot of great memories together that we’ll forever cherish. We’ve agreed to remain friends and will continue to support each other in our careers and lives,” he wrote.While Bayley is still in WWE, her ex-fiancé is now an active competitor in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

#4. Finn Balor

Rumors suggested that Bayley and Finn Balor dated

Rumors suggested that Bayley and Finn Balor dated

Among Bayley’s close friends in WWE is former Universal Champion Finn Balor. The 33-year-old teamed up with the Judgment Day member in the 2018 Mixed Match Challenge.

A few years ago, Bayley and Balor also jokingly imitated each other’s entrances on NXT. The former Universal Champion then shared a photo of himself with his parents and Bayley on Twitter, captioning it “meet the parents.” The picture sparked rumors that he and Bayley were dating in real life.

In an interview with Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast in 2021, The Role Model explained what prompted the two to copy each other’s entrances:

“It wasn’t even a storyline, we kind of made it ourselves on NXT. He sprained his ankle and he wasn’t having a match. Everybody thought that it would be funny if I did his entrance because of my character. Then they just loved it so much and we got so much love on YouTube when someone posted it. He did my entrance. And then, they started teaming us up for matches in NXT. So, we just kind of rolled with that because everybody liked it.”Bayley further disclosed that Balor’s “meet the parents” post got her into trouble in her relationship with Aaron Solow:

“One time, I had gotten into trouble for this in my past relationship. We took a picture with his [Finn Balor] parents when we were backstage. And then people went ‘Oh my god! are you really together?'”Despite the rumors, Bayley and Balor never dated in real life. While Bayley was with Solow until February 2021, the Irish superstar is now married to Mexican TV host Veronica Rodriguez.

#3. Seth Rollins

Bayley and Seth Rollins have a close bond in real life

Bayley and Seth Rollins have a close bond in real life

Before Seth Rollins started dating Becky Lynch in 2019, The Visionary seemingly spent a lot of time with Bayley. The two seemed to have a close bond, which sparked rumors suggesting they were a couple.

In 2017, Bayley impersonated Rollins in a photo, sporting his former hairstyle. Carmella posted the picture on her Twitter account.

“Hi @itsBayleyWWE Rollins,” Carmella captioned the photo.The rumors, however, were untrue. Although they never dated, Bayley and Rollins are still close friends. The Role Model is also friends with the former Universal Champion’s wife.

Bayley and Rollins are currently active on Monday Night RAW. The Role Model recently led Damage Control to victory over RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka at Clash at the Castle. Meanwhile, The Visionary defeated Matt Riddle that same night.

#2. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Bayley and Roman Reigns seemingly have a good relationship

Bayley and Roman Reigns seemingly have a good relationship

Over the past few years, rumors have romantically linked the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with several of his colleagues, including Bayley.

Reigns and Bayley attended a few events together. They also seemingly have a good relationship. In 2021, a fan asked The Tribal Chief to address the ongoing rumors:

“@WWERomanReigns can u plz shut down these shi**y rumor there is a rumor going around saying u split from ur wife and started dating @itsBayleyWWE,” the fan tweeted.Neither Reigns nor Bayley addressed the rumor. However, it is untrue. The Tribal Chief is still married to his wife Galina Becker. The couple now have five children together.

#1. Sasha Banks

While working together in NXT, Bayley developed a close friendship with Sasha Banks. The two were part of what became known as the Four Horsewomen in WWE.

In an interview with the Broken Skull Sessions in 2021, The Role Model disclosed how her relationship with The Boss started:

“I was kind of like the outcast because Sasha was very close with Charlotte [Flair], and they would travel together all the time, and then she got very close with Becky [Lynch], and then they travelled together all the time. But I was never very close with any of them, you know, until maybe like, obviously when we started doing the [NXT TakeOver] Brooklyn stuff, but then Sasha and I started getting closer and closer. We were always super close, text all the time,” she said.Bayley and Banks’ close bond sparked rumors that they might be more than friends in real life. In 2020, a fan tweeted the two superstars to ask them about these speculations:

“@itsBayleyWWE are you & @SashaBanksWWE dating ?…let me know if I’m wrong,” the fan wrote.Although Bayley and Banks never answered, the rumors are untrue. The two are just close friends. The Boss is now married to WWE costume designer Sarath Ton (fka Mikaze).

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