5 people that WWE Superstar Mandy Rose has been romantically linked with in real life

WWE NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose

WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose

Over the past few years, several reports have romantically linked WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose to some men and women.

God’s Greatest Creation joined WWE in 2015 after participating in Tough Enough earlier that same year. She has since competed on NXT, Monday Night RAW, and SmackDown. She is currently performing on NXT 2.0, where she is the leader of Toxic Attraction.

Since joining Vince McMahon’s company, reports have linked Rose romantically to a few different people in real life. Most of these men and women were WWE Superstars. While some of these reports turned out to be false, others were true. She is currently dating a former WWE Superstar.

On that note, here are five people Mandy Rose has been romantically linked with in real life.

#5. Michael Lubic

Michael Lubic encouraged Mandy Rose to pursue a career in WWE

Michael Lubic encouraged Mandy Rose to pursue a career in WWE

Nearly five years before participating in Tough Enough, Mandy Rose kicked off her relationship with Michael Lubic. The couple dated for several years and appeared together on WWE’s reality show Total Divas before announcing their engagement in 2016.

The NXT Women’s Champion’s boyfriend was a big wrestling fan. In an interview with After The Bell, Rose disclosed that Lubic was the one who encouraged her to pursue a wrestling career.

“My ex at the time was a big wrestling fan and he always kind of pushed me and motivated me to like pursue that but I didn’t really know much about wrestling. I didn’t really grow up watching it to be honest,” she said.Despite this, the couple split only a few months after their engagement. Rose’s ex-boyfriend recently got engaged to another woman. Like the NXT Women’s Champion was before becoming a professional wrestler, Lubic’s current fiancée, Brianna, is a WBFF Bikini Pro and a Certified Personal Trainer.

#4. Former WWE Superstar Tino Sabbatelli

Nearly a year after calling off her engagement to Michael Lubic, Mandy Rose announced that she was in a relationship with former NXT star Tino Sabbatelli. The couple also attended the 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony together.

Over the past few years, the couple have been very secretive about their relationship. However, Sabbatelli recently disclosed how they met in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

“So the first time I met Mandy, I remember when they were filming the show Tough Enough (…) they built out like a little warehouse, right next to the PC in Orlando where they were keeping everybody for the show. (…) I remember seeing them a couple times like walk through the PC and I was like ‘wow, that girl is cute.’ You know, I was kind of checking out joking around with my buddies, and I’ve always thought she was beautiful. I really did. And I actually met her for the first time in the PC. And we were just talking briefly and then, you know, I watched her go through the show. She did great and then she got signed,” he said. (57:32 – 58:20)The 38-year-old also spoke about what attracted him to the current NXT Women’s Champion and how they kicked off their romantic relationship.

“I’ll tell you one thing about Mandy. What attracted me the most, beautiful woman, obviously everyone knows she’s gorgeous, her personality and her down-to-earth persona just drew me to her. She was such so easy to talk to, like I was like ‘wow’ like ‘such a beautiful woman got everything together and she could have a conversation!’ And it sounds funny but like sometimes you see these pretty women they’re kind of distant, they’re stuck up, but she was just such a genuine person. And at the time she had a serious boyfriend. She was engaged. So we were just friends. You know, we were just friends and after she broke up, it kind of escalated from there man,” he added. (58:21 – 59:00)Rose and Sabbatelli have recently become more open about their relationship. They posted a few photos together on social media. The two have also appeared together several times in Instagram stories.

While Rose is currently active on NXT 2.0, her boyfriend was released from his WWE contract last June.

#3. WWE Official Sonya Deville

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville first met when they participated in Tough Enough in 2015. Two years later, the two wrestlers debuted together on the main roster as part of Absolution. After Absolution disbanded following Paige’s retirement from in-ring action, Rose and Deville formed another tag team on SmackDown called Fire & Desire.

Meanwhile, Rose and Deville were also very close friends in real life. The two former Tough Enough contestants were once roommates and did several somewhat photoshoots together. They also started a business together.

Rose and Deville’s close relationship on and off-screen sparked rumors that they might be more than just friends. Many fans have speculated that they were dating in real life.

In an interview with Distractify, the current NXT Women’s Champion addressed these rumors.

“I think it’s obviously just rumors. Everyone can get different vibes from the way we are portrayed on TV. I feel like for my character too, it’s a little bit more hot bombshell, a little more s*xual too, so I think some of the things I do can be portrayed as that. But as of now, we are just going to have to wait and see,” she said.Although they are only close friends in real life, Rose disclosed in an interview with talkSport that she and Deville once pitched the idea of having an on-screen romance.

“Yeah [the lesbian angle] was definitely an idea that we pitched ourselves – it was actually a while ago during our NXT days we thought about that. But, you know, things happen. Things change. Might be suited better for other people, whatever it may be,” she explained.Sonya Deville is currently an on-screen WWE official. She also recently returned to in-ring action on RAW. Last Monday, she teamed up with Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley to face Asuka, Bianca Belair, and Liv Morgan. However, her team lost the bout.

#2. WWE Superstar Otis

Otis and Mandy Rose's romance was only a storyline

Otis and Mandy Rose’s romance was only a storyline

In late 2019, Mandy Rose started an on-screen romance with Otis. The storyline then turned into a love triangle when Dolph Ziggler tried to steal the current NXT Women’s Champion from the former RAW Tag Team Champion with the help of Sonya Deville.

Nevertheless, an unknown hacker revealed Ziggler and Deville’s conspiracy against Rose, leading the 31-year-old to choose Otis over Ziggler. The couple then dated for a few weeks before WWE decided to drop the storyline.

During Rose and Otis’ storyline, some rumors suggested the couple’s on-screen romance had become a real-life one. However, these speculations were false as the NXT Women’s Champion was still dating Tino Sabbatelli.

In an interview with TVSeriesHub, Rose disclosed that she was the one who pitched the idea of having an on-screen romance with Otis to Vince McMahon. She also revealed how her boyfriend felt about it.

“Otis always was around in NXT and posting pics of me and talking about how much he liked me. In a cute way, not a creepy way. This continued on and I thought it would be great if this became a storyline, especially once Otis entered Wrestlemania. I actually went to Vince McMahon myself and pitched the idea and he loved it. (…) My boyfriend doesn’t have an issue with it. It’s all a storyline and entertainment. If he got jealous of this, or if any guy did, it wouldn’t work out, honestly,” she said. (H/T: The Sun)Otis is currently active on Monday Night RAW as part of Alpha Academy. He and his Alpha Academy partner Chad Gable recently teamed up with Kevin Owens to defeat Ezekiel and The Street Profits.

#1. WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose had an on-screen romance in WWE

Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose had an on-screen romance in WWE

During the love-triangle storyline, Mandy Rose went on a few dates with Dolph Ziggler. The two also shared several photos together as a couple on their social media accounts. Some reports then suggested they were dating in real life.

Ziggler has a history of dating female WWE Superstars. The Showoff has previously been in a relationship with Hall of Famers Nikki Bella and Sunny. He also dated the current 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke.

However, Ziggler never dated Rose in real life as the current NXT Women’s Champion was in a relationship with Tino Sabbatelli during her on-screen romance with him.

Ziggler is currently active on Monday Night RAW. Nevertheless, he has not competed since losing his NXT Championship to Bron Breakker about a month ago.

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