3 reasons why Liv Morgan did not win the Women’s World Championship on WWE RAW

Liv Morgan once again failed to win the Women

The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour is yet to see any gold.

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan was proud to have injured Rhea Ripley, especially when the latter relinquished her Women’s World Championship. The vacated title and a top spot on RAW seemed like a dream run until it crashed into a returning Becky Lynch.

The Man returned to the red brand to compete in the Battle Royal and walked out with the Women’s World Championship. Once again, Morgan fell short and was made to accept the runner-up position.

Now many fans wonder what it would take for her to finally become a champion again. Is WWE cooking something interesting? Here are three reasons Liv Morgan did not win the Women’s World Championship.

#1. WWE wants Liv Morgan to have an intense title feud with Becky Lynch

It would have been a classic heel move to win the vacated Women’s World Championship, especially after taking credit for injuring the former champion. It would have made Liv a legitimately sinister heel. However, the creative team also wants to book her as a credible champion.

Thus, we may see Morgan again go after Becky Lynch and challenge her for the Women’s World Championship. This way, the top heel on the roster won’t just win the gold because the champion was absent, instead, she would win by beating one of the dominant superstars in WWE history.

#2. WWE might be saving her title win for a premium live event

This week marked Becky Lynch’s first appearance on television since she failed to capture the Women’s World Champion position at WrestleMania. Lynch made a stunning return and won the title on WWE RAW, but she may not keep the gold for long. Currently, The Man does not need the Women’s World Championship to remain at the top of the division.

However, she could undoubtedly work wonders to elevate the title. It would then help Liv Morgan get over if she dethroned The Man at a premium live event following an engaging feud. In the meantime, the creative team can build Morgan as a more menacing character.

#3. Easier for Morgan to convince Dominik Mysterio (and JD McDonagh) to side with her

Liv Morgan promised to take everything away from Rhea Ripley. Although she may have lost her title dreams to Becky Lynch, Morgan still has a few cards left to play. She could target Dominik Mysterio and potentially JD McDonagh on RAW, especially if The Judgment Day implodes.

Things have been pretty intense within the heel faction since Rhea Ripley’s departure, leaving it open for exploitation. Winning the Women’s World Championship would have made it unbearable for The Judgment Day members, especially Dominik, to see eye-to-eye with Morgan. But now, the latter could use her recent loss to manipulate Dominik Mysterio and win him over.

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