3 main roster WWE stars Roxanne Perez put on notice – First main roster feud potentially teased?

Roxanne Perez cut a fiery promo on WWE NXT this week

Roxanne Perez cut a fiery promo on WWE NXT this week

WWE NXT aired last night on the USA Network. Keeping in the vein of the typical rowdy and outrageous fare the show typically offers, the developmental brand’s latest outing featured several surprising moments.

Meta-Four surprisingly interrupted Trick Williams, which led to Williams and Lash Legend kissing. Meanwhile, fans had what may have been the first-ever low blow finish in women’s wrestling history. Beyond that, Thea Hail ditched Jacy Jayne and returned back to her old self.

One of the most interesting, yet still shocking moments of the night came courtesy a heel promo from Roxanne Perez. She lashed out at the fans for not treating her with the respect she believes she deserved. Perez then also took shots at a handful of performers.

Included in the targets were some main roster stars. This included two who were directly named and one who may have been targeted subliminally. This article will look at each star she put on notice and how it may even lead to a main roster feud.

Below are three main roster WWE stars Roxanne Perez put on notice.

#3. Tiffany Stratton had shots fired in her direction

Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez

Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez

Tiffany Stratton is arguably the future of professional wrestling. She started her career on WWE NXT where she held the NXT Women’s Championship. Stratton recently jumped to WWE’s main roster as part of Friday Night SmackDown.

The talented Roxanne Perez brought up Tiffany’s name during her scathing promo on the white & gold brand. This makes sense, as the two have had issues in the past, so there’s likely lingering animosity.

Beyond that, Roxanne’s comments towards Tiffany hinted at jealousy for The Buff Barbie. She mentioned how everybody’s focus on NXT was on the former NXT Women’s Champion instead of being on Roxanne herself and her struggles & triumphs.

This is fair, as Tiffany Stratton did indeed take NXT by storm. She is now doing that on the main roster, once again stealing the spotlight. Many believe she will be clashing with Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 40. Regardless, Roxanne may have a fair gripe in this instance.

#2. Roxanne Perez may have teased her first main roster WWE feud

Becky Lynch could very well be the most popular to ever grace WWE’s women’s division. She has also been tremendously successful, re-defining what it means to be a female superstar. Lynch is set to headline WrestleMania 40 against Rhea Ripley.

The Man and Roxanne Perez briefly interacted on WWE NXT last year while Becky was briefly part of the WWE brand. They never had a proper match, but Roxanne did compete in a match to try to earn a title opportunity while Lynch was the NXT Women’s Champion.

Interestingly, that segment led to Perez being booed by the WWE NXT Universe. It clearly still bothers her, as she took a shot at Becky Lynch this week. She mentioned how Lynch could never win the NXT Women’s Title before this run. Roxanne was seemingly bitter than Becky came down, took the spotlight, and the fans rejected Perez instead of Big Time Becks.

This could be notable for the future. Roxanne is somebody fans often believe is due a call up to the main roster sooner rather than later. If she is indeed on her way up, this could be a tease for the two feuding on Monday Night RAW. After WrestleMania, could The Man and The Prodigy clash?

#1. She seemingly took an indirect shot at Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is the most decorated female athlete in all of WWE. She is a 14-time world champion, a multi-time NXT Women’s Champion, and even a former Women’s Tag Team Champion. Flair has also headlined WrestleMania.

In this case, the shot at Charlotte Flair was less direct and may not even have been one, but many believe Roxanne targeted the injured star. During her angry interview, the WWE NXT star claimed that she was the most decorated women’s star in NXT history.

This is notable, as Flair is the one who is always promoted as being the most decorated female athlete in wrestling history. Roxanne Perez trying to claim the title, at least on the developmental brand, feels like a direct shot at the main roster star. This too could be planting the seeds for a future feud or it could be more personal.

Roxanne isn’t necessarily wrong, however. While Charlotte is a two-time NXT Women’s Champion, Perez has done more. She is a former NXT Women’s Champion, NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, an Iron Survivor Challenge winner, and a former Breakout Tournament winner. She has indeed done it all.

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