3 controversial WWE storylines Stephanie McMahon reportedly refused to do and 2 she reluctantly did

Stephanie McMahon refused to do some controversial storylines

Stephanie McMahon refused to do some controversial storylines

Stephanie McMahon has participated in many storylines over the past two decades. Some of these angles were somewhat controversial.

For example, The Billion Dollar Princess was once involved in a love triangle storyline with her real-life partner Triple H and Kurt Angle. Although the Olympic Gold Medalist felt a little uncomfortable doing the storyline, Stephanie seemed okay with it.

On the other hand, The Queen of Queens was not very comfortable with several controversial storylines. While she reluctantly participated in some of them, she refused to do others she thought crossed the line.

Here are three controversial WWE storylines Stephanie McMahon reportedly refused to do and two she reluctantly did.

#5. Stephanie McMahon refused to do an incest storyline with Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon tied the knot with Triple H in 2003. When The Billion Dollar Princess became pregnant with the couple’s first daughter two years later, her dad, Vince McMahon, suggested a storyline in which he would reveal himself to be the father of the child.

In an old WWE documentary, the WWE Chief Brand Officer revealed that she felt disgusted with her father’s storyline idea and turned it down.

“My dad did approach me about wanting to be the father of my baby in a storyline for TV, which again only the second time I’ve ever actually said no to him for something he wanted to do. That one was just a little too gross actually. It’s completely disgusting. I don’t find the entertainment value in it at all. And he is actually my father, so how could I even play that out? I can’t fake kiss my dad like we were in love or something. It’s just revolting all the way around,” she said.In the early 2000s, The Queen of Queens and her father worked together in several storylines. They even faced each other twice inside the squared circle.

Their first match came in 2001 when Vince teamed up with Trish Stratus against his daughter and William Regal. However, the bout ended in no contest. Two years later, The Chairman and Stephanie went one-on-one in an I Quit Match at No Mercy. The Billion Dollar Princess lost the bout.

#4. Stephanie McMahon reluctantly kissed Eric Bischoff

Stephanie McMahon didn't want to kiss Eric Bischoff

Stephanie McMahon didn’t want to kiss Eric Bischoff

While holding the position of SmackDown General Manager in 2002, Stephanie McMahon feuded with Eric Bischoff, who was then leading Monday Night RAW. During the storyline, the two general managers shared a kiss on an episode of SmackDown.

Speaking about the angle on his podcast, Bischoff disclosed that The Billion Dollar Princess reluctantly did that segment. He stated that she did not want to do it and probably felt like he did when he had to take a Stink Face from Rikishi.

“I was really excited. Having [Vince] standing there directing the scene while I was making out with his daughter – I knew she didn’t want to do it. It was like me and how I felt when I had to take a Stink Face from Rikishi. I am sure she wasn’t feeling that, but she was a pro and as weird as it was, again, as a character you are doing it,” he said.Although Bischoff thought his storyline with Stephanie would have been great, WWE surprisingly dropped the angle after the controversial segment.

#3. Stephanie McMahon turned down another incest angle with her brother Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon turned down an incest angle with her brother

Stephanie McMahon turned down an incest angle with her brother

After Stephanie McMahon turned down her father’s idea for a storyline in which he would reveal himself as the father of her child, Vince suggested another angle in which the father would instead be her brother Shane.

In the same WWE documentary, Stephanie revealed that she again refused her dad’s suggestion.

“Then he came up with the idea of Shane to actually be the father of my baby, my brother. And I again, just no. That, I know that sometimes that happens in this world but it’s not gonna happen with us. I just can’t do that. That’s too much,” she said.Over the past two decades, Stephanie and her brother have shared a few storylines together. They also shared the ring on one occasion 22 years ago, when they teamed up to face Lita and The Big Show on Monday Night RAW. However, they lost the bout by disqualification.

#2. Stephanie McMahon reluctantly slapped her mother on television

In mid-2000, Stephanie McMahon started an on-screen feud with her mother Linda. In March of that same year, The Billion Dollar Princess confronted her mom inside the ring on an episode of SmackDown.

Stephanie accused Linda of being jealous and threatened by her. She also accused the older McMahon of trying to control her. The former WWE Women’s Champion then stated that there was only room for one dominant female in the McMahon family and called her mother a “conniving b****” before slapping her in the face.

In 2018, Stephanie tweeted about the segment, revealing that slapping her mother was one of the hardest things she had to do on television, disclosing that it made her nauseous.

“Slapping my mom was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do on television! It actually made me nauseous! Don’t worry, she got her receipt!” she wrote.The current WWE Chief Brand Officer apparently regretted doing the storyline as she used the hashtag “bad decisions I have made” in her tweet.

#1. Stephanie McMahon refused to have her own Kiss My A** club

Stephanie McMahon turned down the creative team's pitch

Stephanie McMahon turned down the creative team’s pitch

In the early 2000s, Vince McMahon forced several WWE Superstars to kiss his rear end and thus join his exclusive Kiss My A** club. The creative team later suggested that Stephanie McMahon also start a similar club.

WWE initially booked Eric Bischoff to become the first member of Stephanie’s Kiss My A** club. During their 2002 feud, Stephanie picked Chuck and Billy to face Bischoff’s team of Rosey and Jamal at Unforgiven.

The initial plan was to have Bischoff’s team lose the bout, after which the RAW General Manager would be forced to kiss Stephanie’s rear due to the match’s stipulation. Nevertheless, Bischoff did not like the idea. Hence, the company changed the scenario and gave his team the win instead.

A few years later, the creative team pitched the idea again to Stephanie. This time, Chris Jericho was the one who would become the first member of The Billion Dollar Princess’ club. However, Stephanie refused to do the storyline because she did not feel comfortable with it.

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