23-year-old star reacts to fans mistaking her for WWE Superstar Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan and Ashley Vega (via TNA, Liv, and Ashley

Liv Morgan and Ashley Vega (via TNA, Liv, and Ashley’s Instagram handles)

23-year-old Ashley Vega has finally opened up about fans comparing her to WWE Superstar Liv Morgan.

UK pro-wrestler Ashley Vega was recently featured in a TNA Wrestling video. Most of the comments on the video pointed out that she resembled WWE Superstar Liv Morgan.

Ashley recently opened up about fans comparing her looks to those of Morgan. Here’s what she had to say in response:

“Yeah, I mean, like you said, when I met Naomi, you know, she said to me as well that I resembled her. And I don’t… I wouldn’t say that I look like her by any means. Obviously, it’s a big compliment, but I think it’s just, we just have similar… I don’t know, maybe it’s the glasses, the hair, I think that’s maybe where it all comes from.” [2:15-2:39]

Liv Morgan might become the new Women’s World Champion in the near future

On last week’s edition of WWE RAW, Morgan brutally attacked Rhea Ripley in a backstage area.

The attack left The Nightmare writhing in pain and also caused her a legitimate injury. Ripley relinquished her Women’s World Championship on this week’s red brand and almost kicked off a brawl with Morgan.

Since Ripley is on a break, many fans call for WWE to give Morgan the Women’s World Title. A new Women’s World Champion will be crowned very soon, and it remains to be seen if Morgan will become the new titleholder.

As for Ripley, she held the belt for a whopping 380 days and defended it against some of the best female talents in WWE. She is hell-bent on coming back in the near future and exacting revenge on Morgan for what she did on last week’s RAW.

Do you see the resemblance between Ashley Vega and Liv Morgan?

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