Beyond the Game: Patrick Mahomes’ Affinity for Rock Music Shines Bright! 🌟 Discover the Band He Swears By!

Patrick Mahomes’ Love of Rock

Patrick Mahomes has established himself as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks in recent years, leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory in 2020 and returning to the big game in 2023. Off the field, Mahomes has expressed his love and appreciation for rock music on several occasions. While he hasn’t explicitly stated his top three favorite rock bands, based on his comments and behaviors over the years, some of the rock acts Mahomes seems to enjoy most include AC/DC, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin.

## AC/DC

Australian hard rock legends AC/DC are arguably the band Mahomes has shown the strongest affinity for. He has been spotted wearing an AC/DC t-shirt on multiple occasions, including during practices and workouts in the offseason. Additionally, Mahomes has chosen AC/DC’s iconic song “Thunderstruck” as his entrance music when taking the field for Chiefs home games at Arrowhead Stadium.

The use of “Thunderstruck” as his intro song is a bold choice that gets the raucous Kansas City crowd amped up before each game. Its high-energy riffs and lyrics about feeling the power of nature perfectly capture Mahomes’ electric playing style and ability to will his team to victory through sheer force of will. It’s no surprise that a quarterback with Mahomes’ swagger and confidence would choose one of rock’s most badass anthems to accompany his walk through the tunnel.

Beyond wearing their merch and selecting their music, Mahomes has also expressed direct praise and admiration for AC/DC. In a 2021 interview, when asked about his favorite bands, Mahomes immediately responded “AC/DC, for sure.” He went on to say how much he enjoys their classic sound and timeless rock hits. It’s clear from his consistent repping of the band that AC/DC’s brand of no-frills hard rock really speaks to Mahomes on a personal level.

## Metallica

Another legendary rock act Mahomes has professed fandom for is the almighty Metallica. In the same 2021 interview where he named AC/DC, Mahomes also shouted out Metallica amongst his favorite bands. He elaborated that he enjoys “their old stuff, like Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, those early albums.” Those albums from Metallica’s 1980s heyday are considered metal masterpieces and go-to albums for many lifelong fans, so Mahomes showing love for that era shows he’s a student of the genre.

To further demonstrate his Metallica fandom, Mahomes attended one of their concerts in Kansas City in 2020. He shared photos and video from the show on his social media, clearly enthralled by the experience of seeing one of his favorite bands perform live. His attendance at that Metallica concert, coupled with his praise of their classic albums, cements them as an act Mahomes genuinely enjoys on a musical level beyond just wearing a t-shirt or using a song. Getting to experience their legendary live show in person was obviously meaningful for the QB and lifelong rock music aficionado.

## Led Zeppelin

Rounding out Mahomes’ “big three” of rock bands seems to be English rock legends Led Zeppelin. While he hasn’t worn their merch or chosen a song of theirs for his entrance, Mahomes has name dropped Led Zeppelin in interviews as another band in his regular rotation. Specifically, in a GQ profile from 2021, Mahomes mentioned Led Zeppelin among the artists like AC/DC, Metallica and others that he enjoys listening to work out to and get pumped up.

Led Zeppelin’s expansive catalog spans blues rock, folk rock and everything in between. So their diverse sound undoubtedly keeps Mahomes engaged through various moods and activities. Their epic songs are perfect for getting in the zone before big games or intense workouts. It’s no surprise a multi-talented athlete like Mahomes would find inspiration in Led Zeppelin’s boundless creativity and talent. Their blend of virtuosity, aggression and soulfulness likely resonates with Mahomes on many levels.

## Other Rock Favorites

While those three bands seem to be at the top of Mahomes’ rock playlist, he has demonstrated appreciation for several other iconic artists over the years as well. For example, during the 2023 Chiefs Super Bowl parade, videos emerged of Mahomes belting out the opening lyrics to Guns N’ Roses’ classic “Welcome to the Jungle” while riding on a bus with teammates.

His ability to sing along word-for-word to such an enduring rock anthem showed not only his familiarity with GNR’s discography, but also his willingness to cut loose and have fun celebrating with his team. It served as another example of how rock music is deeply ingrained in Mahomes’ personality and means a lot to him, even in joyous championship moments.

Aside from GNR, Mahomes has also given props to other legendary rockers. In one interview he listed The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith as artists he listens to frequently. And after one of his MVP season performances, Mahomes tweeted “Bon Jovi slaps” along with the 100 emoji. Small gestures, but indicative that ’80s rock staples like Bon Jovi still find an audience with today’s top athletes.

## Impact of Rock on Mahomes’ Career

While impossible to quantify directly, it’s reasonable to assume Mahomes’ love of rock music has had some influence on his development and success both on and off the field. The high-energy, no-nonsense attitude of many rock bands likely provides Mahomes an emotional fuel and competitive spirit. Their lyrics of perseverance and triumph against adversity may also resonate with an athlete driven to be the best.

On game days specifically, the adrenaline rush from music like AC/DC or Metallica could give Mahomes an edge mentally and physically. Tuning into such intense music is a proven way to increase focus, motivation and output. So blasting those bands in his headphones during workouts or on the bus ride to the stadium may contribute to his laser-like focus come kickoff.

Additionally, rock music promotes qualities like fearlessness, confidence and improvisation that serve Mahomes well when things break down during plays. Much like a great rock band can spin on a dime, Mahomes thrives on thinking fast and adapting in chaotic moments – attributes likely shaped in part by his musical tastes.

Off the field, Mahomes’ passion for rock music helps shape his image as a multi-dimensional star transcending just football. His music fandom expands his relatability and likeability to more genres of fans. It also gives him crossover appeal far beyond just the typical NFL demographic. In an era where authenticity is prized, Mahomes’ genuine love of rock adds depth to how he’s perceived as a person and role model.

## Evolution of Tastes

While Mahomes’ affinity for classic rock stalwarts like AC/DC, Metallica and Led Zeppelin seems entrenched, his tastes may expand over time as well. As a young 26-year-old, he’s still discovering new music and artists that resonate with him. It’s possible Mahomes branches out to harder-edged rock subgenres like metal or explores contemporary rock bands emerging since his childhood.

Artists like Ghost, Royal Blood or Greta Van Fleet carrying rock’s torch in modern eras could appeal to Mahomes’ evolving palette. He may also delve deeper into the rock catalogs of artists he’s already endorsed to uncover hidden gems. With such a voracious appetite for music, it’s hard to predict all the places Mahomes’ rock fandom may lead him in the coming years.

But one thing seems certain – rock music will remain an integral part of Mahomes’ identity and fuel for his success on and off the field. The bands and songs close to his heart provide inspiration and escape from the pressures of NFL stardom. They remind us Mahomes is just as multi-dimensional as the artists he admires, with rock fandom being a defining personal passion beyond his day job. As long as he’s shredding on Sundays, rock bands everywhere have a new high-profile champion in Patrick Mahomes.

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